Sandy Hill Cemetery and the Historical & Statistical Account of the Cemeteries of Paterson New Jersey


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This 208 page, softcover book presents the history of the Sandy Hill Cemeteries complex as written in 1888 by Dr. Oswald Warner. This work includes the historical, statistical, and sanitary account of the Sandy Hill Cemeteries which are comprised of the Reformed, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist and Catholic burial grounds in Paterson. Also included are historical accounts of Native American burial grounds, family burying grounds and the old burying ground of the First Reformed Church of Totowa. This publication includes illustrated maps of the locations of the various cemeteries, listings of lot owners by denomination, and a surname index of the Sandy Hill Cemetery Removal Book. Also included in this resource are newspaper accounts of Paterson’s cemeteries, including Sandy Hill, pauper burial grounds and other ancient burial grounds in the vicinity of Paterson.