Genealogy Club Newsletters

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The Passaic County Historical Society Genealogy Club has published newsletters since 1989. Starting in 2017 the Society newsletter and Genealogy Club newsletters were merged.

This page provides readers access to our archive of Genealogy Club newsletter publications. The most current newsletter of the Society is provided exclusively to our membership.

Current newsletters will be added to this page a year after their original publication date. For the most up-to-date newsletters, please consider becoming a member of the PCHS. For more information about membership click here: Membership Information.

Genealogy Club Newsletter Index

1989 Vol.1 No.1

1990 Vol.1 No.2 February

1990 Vol.1 No.3 May

1990 Vol.1 No.4 August

1991 Vol.2 No.1 January

1991 Vol.2 No.2 August

1992 Vol.3 No.1 September

1993 Vol.3 No.2 January

1993 Vol.3 No.3 May

1993 Vol.4 No.1 September

1993 Vol.4 No.2 December

1994 Vol.4 No.3 March

1994 Vol.4 No.4 June

1994 Vol.5 No.1 September

1995 Vol.5 No.2 March

1995 Vol.5 No.3 May-June

1995 Vol.6 No.1 Fall

1995 Vol.6 No.2 Winter

1996 Vol.6 No.3 Spring

1996 Vol.6 No.4 Summer

1996 Vol.7 No.1 Autumn

1997 Vol.7 No.2 Winter

1997 Vol.7 No.3 March

1997 Vol.7 No.4 June

1997 Vol.8 No.1 September

1997 Vol.8 No.2 December

1998 Vol.8 No.3 Spring

1998 Vol.8 No.4 Summer

1998 Vol.9 No.1 Fall

1998 Vol.9 No.2 Winter

1999 Vol.9 No.3 Spring

1998 Vol.9 No.4 Summer

1999 Vol.9 No.4 Summer

1999 Vol.10 No.1 Fall

1999 Vol.10 No.2 Winter

2000 Vol.10 No.3

2000 Vol.10 No.4

2000 Vol.11 No.1

2000 Vol.11 No.2

2001 Vol.11 No.3-4 Spring/Summer

2001 Vol.12 No.1 Fall

2001-2 Vol.12 No.2-3 Winter 2001-Spring 2002

2002 Vol.12 No.4 Summer

2002 Vol.13 No.1 Fall

2002 Vol.13 No.2 Winter

2003 Vol.13 No.3 Spring

2003 Vol.13 No.4 Summer

2003 Vol.14 No.1 Fall

2003 Vol.14 No.2 Winter

2004 Vol.14 No.3-4 Spring-Summer

2004 Vol.15 No.1 Fall

2005 Vol.14 No.3,4 Spring Summer

2005 Vol.15 No.2 Winter

2005 Vol.16 No.1 Fall

2006 Vol.16 No.3-4 Summer

2007 Vol.17 No.1 Fall

2007 Vol.17 No.2 Winter

2008 Vol.17 No.3 Summer

2009 Vol.17 No.4 Winter

2010 Vol.18 No.1 Spring

2010 Vol.18 No.2 Summer

2010 Vol.18 No.3 Fall

2010 Vol.18 No.4 Winter

2011 Vol.19 No.1 Spring

2011 Vol.19 No.2 Summer

2011 Vol.19 No.3 Fall

2011 Vol.19 No.4 Winter

2012 Vol.20 No.1 Spring

2012 Vol.20 No.2 Spring

2012 Vol.20 No.3 Fall

2012 Vol.20 No.4 Winter

2013 Vol.21 No.1 Spring

2013 Vol.21 No.2 Summer

2013 Vol.21 No.3 Fall

2013 Vol.22 No.4 Winter

2014 Vol.23 No.1 Spring

2014 Vol.23 No.2 Summer

2015 Vol.24 No.1 Winter

2015 Vol.24 No.2 Spring

2015 Vol.24 No.3 Summer