Welcome to the Passaic County Historical Society


Welcome to the website of the Passaic County Historical Society.


Formed in 1926, The Passaic County Historical Society was founded to “cultivate interest among individuals in the community at large in the history of Passaic County.” To that end, the Society operates the Lambert Castle Museum, maintains the Passaic County Historical Society Library, curates a large and ever-expanding collection of historic objects and materials, and reaches out to the community through special events, group tours, and education programs. The Passaic County Historical Society also regularly hosts lectures, concerts, and specialized programs.

Mission Statement

The purposes of the Society are to cultivate interest among individuals and the community-at-large in the rich history of Passaic County; to showcase its cultural and artistic diversity; to interpret its natural, civil, military, and ecclesiastical history; to collect related manuscripts, books, photographs, paintings and antiquities; and to disseminate knowledge of historic and genealogical interest through periodical publications.

The Society will maintain a library and museum for the preservation and utilization of historical materials, hold meetings arrange lectures and programs, and generally encourage the research, study, discussion, and publication of County history.



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