Van Blarcom Family Bible Records


Published 1829. In 1973 owned by Mrs. James JETER of Albuquerque, N.M. Copied from Photocopies of the original March 2, 1973 by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr.

Containing The
Translated out of the Original Tongues
and with
The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
with Marginal Notes and References
Together with The
to which are added;
Of all the Names in The Old And New Testaments, with Their Significations


Lunenburg, Mass.
Published and Sold by Edmund Cushing


Henry I. VAN BLARCOM was born January 21st, 1801
VAN DIEN was born July 26th, 1804

Children of Henry I. and Catharine VAN BLARCOM

1st, was a Son, was born October 27th, 1823

2nd, A Daughter, named Jane Archibold, was born October 10th, 1824

3rd, A Daughter, named Susan, was born on March 3rd, 1827

4th, A Daughter, named Ann Jacobus, was born May 7th, 1829

5th, A Son, named Garret Van Dien, was born August 9th, 1831

6th, A Daughter, named Catharine, was born September 7th, 1833

7th, (This item erased in the original)

8th, A Daughter, named Hester, was born October 18th, 1835

9th, A Daughter, named Ellen Catlin, was born June 30th, 1838

A Son named John Van Allen was born April 21st in the Year of our Lord 1826


Henry I. VAN BLARCOM and Catharine VAN DIEN called Tiney were Married February 1st AD 1823

Jerry VAN RIPER and Jane VAN BLARCOM were married December 17th, 1840

John VAN ALLEN and Susan VAN BLARCOM were married January 7th, 1844

(This item not legible)


Grandchildren of Henry I. and Catharine VAN BLARCOM

1st, Stephen VAN RIPER was born October 4th, 1841

2nd, Daughter named Catharine Jane VAN RIPER was born August 28th, 1843

3rd, Daughter named Susan VAN RIPER was born May 1st, 1849

Anney VAN DEAN, half Sister of Cornelius G. VAN DEAN and aunt of Tiney VAN DEAN, called on old auntey, who is now Sick and living at widow Charity VORHES’s at Saddle River near the Peramus Church, was Born in Hoppertown January 15, 1779. I have been to see her this day and went from my place in Cherry Lane, Tiney or Catharine VAN DEAN or VAN BLARCOMO’NEILL. Written by E.O. O.NEILL March 29, 1875

The above old lady aunty VAN DEAN or, married name DEBAUN, widow of Jacob DEBAUN of Debaun Town near Sadle River, Born January 15, 1779. Died (no date given).


1st Son of Henry I. and Catharine VAN BLARCOM Died November 7th, 1823.

Ann J. VAN BLARCOM died Friday, Sept. 30, 1890 (? or 1898)

Henry I. VAN BLARCOM Died March 4th, 1841

Tiney or Catherine VAN DIEN only daughter of Cornelius G. VAN DIEN and Grand daughter of John ARCHIBALD & widow of Henry I. VAN BLARCOM and wife of Edward O’NEILL, Died of Paralysis after two days Sickness at 11 oclock A.M. 14th August 1877 in her dwelling House, or hir Farm on Cherry Lane Ridgewood formerly old Franklin Township Bergen County N. Jersey U.S.A. aged 73 years

Buried in Lot No.___ in the new dutch reformed Burying ground oposite Peramus old Church Reformed Dutch

Entered by Edward O’NEILL in whoes lot she lays asleep.

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