Street Name Changes Paterson, NJ

Compiled by Ruth Bauer, May 2001


Market Street, Paterson, NJ


Numbered Streets

 Original Name – Renamed

2nd Avenue – Summer Street

16th Avenue (between Straight and Market Streets) – News Plaza

8th Street – Peel Street

20th Street – Madison Avenue

East 14th Street – Jelsma Place

East 43rd Street (between Market and Crooks Avenues) – McLean Boulevard

West 7th Street – Mountain Avenue

West 8th Street – Garret Street

West 9th Street – Summit Street

West 10th Street – Turner Street

West 11th Street – Hoaxy Street

West 12th Street – Quinn Street

West 13th Street – Rockland Street

West 14th Street – Henderson Street

West 15th Street – Ramsey Street

West 16th Street – Howard Street

West 17th Street – Walton Street

West 18th Street – Nagel Street(Also See Cornelius Street)

West 23rd Street – Mallon Avenue

West 24th Street – Murray Avenue

West 25th Street – Caldwell Avenue

West 26th Street – Dixon Avenue

West 27th Street – Carlisle Avenue

West 28th Street – Webster Avenue

West 29th Street – Danforth Avenue

West 30th Street – Glover Avenue

Alphabetical Street Names

Original Name – Renamed – Notes

Adams Street – Danforth Avenue – Danforth Ave. was also known as W. 29th Street.
Apple Street – 
Spring Street
Armory Place – 
17th Avenue – Ran for 2 blocks behind the armory; added to 17th Avenue.
Barclay Street – 
Valley Road – From City Line to Marshall Street
Bond Street – 
20th Avenue – Changed about 1931
Boudinot Street – 
Van Houten Street – Between Mill and Prospect Streets
Bought Road – 
Madison Avenue – Bought Road appears on Vreeland Tract Map about 1781.
Broadway – 
Martin Luther King Way
Cass Street – 
Dover Street
Centre Street – 
Summer Street – Between Broadway and Hamilton Avenue.
Church Street – 
Summer Street – Name reused; there is currently a Church Street in the center of Paterson.
Clay Street – 
21st Avenue – Changed about 1931.
Clinton Street – 
Jasper Street
Columbia Avenue – 
13th Avenue
Congress Street – 
Market Street – From Colt Street to Spruce Street.
Cornelius Street – 
Nagle Street – Nagle Street was also known as W. 18th Street.
Cross Street – 
Cianci Street
Depot Street – 
DeGrasse Street
Dickinson Street – 
Graham Avenue – From Oak to Market Street; renamed and continued as a new section of former Sandy Hill Cemetery to connect with existing Graham Avenue.
Division Street – 
Hamilton Avenue – Reference: 1835 map. Also, in 1841 Division Street was known as North West Street.
East Carroll Street – 
Auburn Street – Added to existing Auburn Street
East Van Houten Street – 
Van Houten Street – Combined
Feeny Street – 
Berdan Alley
Fulton Street – 
Marion Street
Green Street – 
Keen Street – Reference: 1835 map
Graham Avenue – 
Rosa Parks Boulevard
Hackensack Turnpike – 
Market Street – Reference: 1835 map
Hamburg Avenue – 
West Broadway – From the Passaic River to the City Line
Hamburg Turnpike – 
Main Street – Reference: 1835 map
Hamilton Street – 
Washington Street – Between Market and Ellison
Hotel Street – 
Hamilton Street – Hotel Street combined with Maitland and renamed
Huron Street – 
East 19th Street
Indiana Avenue – 
17th Avenue
Indiana Avenue – 
23rd Avenue
Independence Avenue – 
East 33rd Street
James Street – 
Ramsey Street – Ramsey St. was also known as W. 15th Street.
Jefferson Street – 
Dixon Avenue – Dixon Ave. was also known as W. 26th Street
John Street – 
Ellison Street – Between Prospect and Mill Streets
Kearny Avenue – 
East 28th Street – Kearny Street name reused
Lafayette Street – 
Kearney Street
Lexington Avenue – 
Wall Avenue
Lincoln Avenue – 
East 26th Street
Little Falls Turnpike – 
McBride Avenue
Lynches Alley – 
Brook Street
Lyons Avenue – 
East 30th Street – Lyons Street name reused
McCurdy Street – 
Garfield Avenue
McLean Boulevard – 
Route 20
McPherson Avenue – 
East 32nd Street
Madison Avenue – 
Montclair Avenue
Madison Street – 
Carlisle Avenue – Carlisle Ave. (Little Falls Road) was also known as W. 27th Street.
Madison Street – 
Glover Avenue – Glover Ave. (Little Falls Road) was also known as W. 30th Street.
Maitland Street – 
Hamilton Street – Maitland combined with Hotel Street and renamed
Mansion Street – 
Washington Street – Between Ellison Street and Broadway
Street – 
Madison Avenue – Between Market Street and Park Avenue
Mechanic Street – 
16th Avenue
Mercer Avenue – 
East 21st Street
Monmouth Avenue – 
East 24th Street
Monroe Street – 
Webster Avenue – Webster Ave. was also known as W. 28th Street
National Avenue – 
Park Avenue – Also Willis Street for a time
New Jersey Avenue – 
15th Street
New Street – 
Lakeview Avenue
Nicholas Street – 
Bloomfield Avenue – Section east of Main Street
North West Street – 
West Broadway – West Street ran from Broadway to the Passaic River where it became North West Street.
Old Preakness Road – 
Redwood Avenue
Old Totowa Road – 
Ryle Avenue – 1841
Olive Street – 
St. Joseph Place – Olive originally ran into Sandy Hill Cemetery. Shortened for East Side High School and renamed for St. Joseph Church.
Parke Street – 
Main Street – Between Broadway and the Passaic River
Pennsylvania Avenue – 
14th Avenue – Pennsylvania Avenue name reused
Pierson Street – 
Graham Avenue – From Market Street to Park Avenue
Prospect Street – 
Curtis Place – From River Street to Van Houten Avenue
Princeton Avenue – 
East 23rd Street
Reno Avenue – 
East 31st Street
Rip Van Winkle Avenue – 
Belmont Avenue
Sedgwick Avenue – 
East 29th Street
Sherwood Avenue – 
Don Bosco Avenue – Between Union and Totowa Avenue – site Don Bosco Technical School.
Southard Street – 
Bishop Franklin Petiford
Summer Street – 
Lake Street
Trenton Avenue – 
East 22nd Street
Union Street – 
Veterans Plaza
Vine Street – 
Summer Street – Between Market Street and 21st Avenue
Vroom Street – 
Rose Street
Wadsworth Avenue – 
East 27th Street
Wallis Street – 
Totowa Avenue – Between Ryle Avenue and West Broadway
Ward Street – 
Dill Plaza – Portion of Ward Street extending from Straight Street to Erie Railroad.
Washington Street – 
Caldwell Avenue – W. 25th Street was also known as Caldwell Avenue.
Water Street – 
Ryle Avenue
Water Street – 
Presidential Boulevard – Renamed when high-rise apartments were built – Sept. 15, 1964.
West Street – 
West Broadway – Between Broadway and the Passaic River. Across the river, it became North West Street.
Wesel Road – 
McLean Boulevard – Also known as Route 20
William Street – 
Graham Avenue – Between Pearl Street and 16th Avenue
Willis Street – 
Park Avenue – For a while known as National Avenue
York Avenue – 
East 16th Street – Between 12th Avenue and Putnam Street
York Avenue – 
Dover Street
York Road – 
Vreeland Avenue – York Road appears on Vreeland Tract Map abt 1781
York Street – 
Graham Avenue
Yorktown Avenue – 
East 25th Street