Sale of Cropsey’s Pictures


Reprinted  from the Paterson Guardian, Feb. 11, 1868
and Published in the Passaic County Historical Society Publication, 1969, Vol. 2


Jasper Francis Cropsey(1823-1900)

The other day Mr. Jasper Francis Cropsey, the well-known artist of West Milford, sold a number of his pictures at the Leeds Gallery, New York.  The sale was well attended and produced good prices, not so much, perhaps, as the pictures would have produced in good times, but still fair prices.  About sixty-four pictures were sold among which were:

Wawayanda Water                                                         $220

Sunset, Lake George                                                         $145

Old Mill, New Jersey                                                         $140

An Old House in Sussex Co., N.J.                                      $140

Moonrise, Greenwood Lake                                             $135

Wyoming Valley                                                                $175

The Fourn Mountain                                                        $150

Foggy Morning, Gulworth                                                $120

The Thousand Islands                                                     $300

The Mellow Autumn Time                                               $675

Sandy Hook from Staten Island                                      $575

Evening                                                                             $625

Mount Washington from Lake Sebago                           $375

Stoke-Pogis, the scene of Grays elegy                             $470

Pompton Plains                                                                $250

Niagra Falls in Winter                                                      $110

Wood Scene                                                                      $170

An Italian Garden                                                             $270

The Thousand Isles                                                          $370