Pulis Family Bible Records


William PULLIS
Washington St.


his Book

May 15, 1815 then Cheles RYERSON sterted from sckemack for the weume.

John W. PULIS die the 24 of July on Wenday twenty minutes of 6 in the evening. He was buried on fryday 26 of July 1850

Abraham HAND Departed this Life May 2 in the year of our Lord 1802 and was entered the 4.

Elezeabeath POOLES was Born December 1, 1793

Eava POOLES was Born April 20, 1796

William POOLES was Born August 26, 1798

Eve BENNET HAND deperted this life march the 16 in the year of our lord 1813 and entered the 18

Sarah PULIS was born the 21 of January 1814

Henry PULIS was born July 11 in year of our Lord 1810 and was marred to Sarah PULIS febart 1 on monday 1832

Salley my son was Born september 12th 1811 and Departed this life the 29 of December 1811 aged three months and seven days

Anny RYERSON was Born November the 7, 1812

John my son was born Januart the 12, 1815

John RYERSON died September 18, 1815 aged 8 months

Gorge RYERSON was Born August the 29 in the year of our Lord 1816

Elezeabeth Pulis RYERSON is departed this life July the 23 in the year of our Lord 1817 aged twenty three years and seven months and twenty three days.

John POSTE was maryed to Annie RYERSON february the 28 in the years of our Lord 1833

John I. POSTE was born May the 27 in the year of our Lord 1834

John W. PULIS died July 24 in the year of our Lord 1850 aged 82 years 10 months and 8 days

Sarah PULIS Died October 16 in the years of our Lord 1857 aged 80 years 2 months and 26 days

Leah Margaret PULIS was born October 13 on Monday in the year of our Lord 1834

Saeah Elizabeth PULIS was born february 12 on Monday in the year of our Lord 1838

James Richard PULIS was born January 25 in the year of our Lord 1840

Henry J. PULIS was departed this life february the 17 in the year of our Lord 1842 aged 31 years 7 months and 8 days

Our Effy Ann PULIS was born December 5, 1841 and departed this life December 25, 1841, aged 3 weeks


~ On loose sheet of paper in old PULIS Bible ~

John PULIS was born 16 of September 1765 (1767?)

Conrats PULES was born the 6 of October 1769

Carty PULIS was ____ October 1772

David PULIS was born 7 day of August 1775

John PULIS in Selte HAND marred 16 day of March 1793

Willem PULIS father dide february ? in the year of our Lord 1778

Elizabeth PULIS was born 1st day of December ‘90 c at night in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1794

?afe PULIS was born on the day of April __?__ 1796

Eve BENNET was born the 4th day of April Anno Domine 1773

Sarah HAND was Born July the 20 in the year of our Lord 1776 about midnight on a Thursday

John POOLES was born September 16th, 1767 and was marred to Sarah HAND March the 16th 1793

Margaret BENNET was born the 15th day of January anno Domine 1740 on a Wensday

William POOLES departed this life November 24th, 1816

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