Passaic County Manumission Records

Reprinted from The Historic County – Volume 3 Issue 3


Manumission Record of Samuel Tiebout

In October 1974, the Society acquired four Passaic County Manumission Records through the efforts of Edward A. Smyk.  The fragile condition of the paper on which these documents are recorded, combined with faded ink, and 19th century penmanship make them difficult to decipher.  Following is a transcript of the above manumission record for Samuel Tiebout:

State of New Jersey
Passaic County ss
 To all whom these present may come Greeting
 It is hereby made known, that on this sixteenth day of July in the Year of Our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, I John S. Hart of the Township of Paterson, in said County of Passaic have liberated, manumitted and set free my negro slave called Samuel Tiebout of the age of twenty four years and five months or thereabouts; and I do here by liberate and manumit and set free my said negro slave and discharge him from all services or demand of service to be hereafter made either by me or any other person by, from, or under me.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid.

Signed sealed and
delivered in the presence of     John S. Hart
Jm Crismond

Other manumissions on file:
William Sanford manumitted Jack Oliver, age 28, on August 6, 1838.
Philip Van Bussum manumitted Phillis, age 25, on August 16, 1838.
David G. Demarest manumitted Sam Coon on May 9, 1840.

Full transcripts of the four records are available at the Passaic County Historical Society Library.