Newspapers of Paterson

Extracted from
Ray’s Directory of the City of Paterson, NJ
by D. A. Ray – 1855-6

Note:  In addition to the customary alphabetical listing found in city directories, Ray’s Directory of the City of Paterson – 1855-6,  contains a copy of the City Charter, quaint advertisements such as the one below, and the following brief article about early Paterson newspapers.


Printing presses were in use in Paterson at a very early date.  The first Newspaper of which we have any information was the “Bee and Paterson Advertiser.”  This paper was commenced in 1816 by Conovor and Haring.  It contained twenty columns of matter and was published at two dollars per annum.  The next was the “Bergen Express and Paterson Advertiser” commenced in 1817 by H. Jones.  This paper contained 16 columns.

This was published in what is now [1855] the North Ward – Formerly Manchester, Bergen county.

The Chronicle was published by B. W. Lyon and was commenced in 1821.  In 1825 it was purchased by Day & Burnett who changed the name to Paterson Intelligencer.  Mr. Day sold out to Mr. Burnett, who published it for some time, when Mr. Day in connection with Thomas Warren re-purchased of him.  In 1843 Mr. Day died, since which time Mr. Warren has conducted it.

The Courier was published by Mr. Gould, about 1833, on the corner of Main and Broadway for some time, when Andrew Mead purchased the establishment and changed the name to “Passaic Guardian” in 1836.  He sold out to Lewis R. Stelle in 1846, who again changed it to “Paterson Guardian.  It is now [1855] published by O. Vanderhoven who purchased it in 1854.

The Peoples’ Mirror by McClellan & Halstead was commenced during the present year, 1855.  On the 14th of August the same proprietors commenced the publication of the “Paterson Daily Mirror,”  the first daily paper of Paterson.  Both this and the “Peoples’ Mirror,” are now conducted by Dr. E. S. McClellan.

The Falls City Register was also commenced the present year by Andrew Mead, who introduced the first power press for newspaper printing in Paterson.