New Jersey Daily National

Extracted from
The Bulletin of the Passaic County Historical Society, November 1962

A Paterson newspaper of which few of the present [1962] generation have heard and which most likely passed the memory of the older residents of Passaic County, was the New Jersey Daily National. This paper was published in 1878.  It was a small paper of about 10 by 15 inches and consisted of a double sheet or four pages and printed on rag paper.  A single copy sold for one cent and the monthly subscription was twenty-five cents.  The office of this daily was at 129 Market Street, Paterson.

Items in issue of October 31, 1878 –

When are we going to have the new depot at Lake View?

The lecture of Rev. Dr. Chadwick, on the Model Woman in the Market Street M. E. Church to-night.

Prof. Carpenter, in his wonderful exploits of mesmerism, will hold forth in the Opera House for the balance of the week.