Gould/Van Houten Family Bible Records


Published 1823 – Once owned by Henry VAN HOUTEN, Presbyterian minister in Hawley, Pa., and later by William STEWART of 591 Main St., Paterson, N.J. – Recopied from material in The Passaic County Historical Society Note Book No. 42 by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr., 8/30/1969



Encrease & Polly GOULD were married Nov. 9, 1783

John G. VAN HOUTEN & Betsy GOULD were married July 9, 1803

William JAMES married Mary Ann VAN HOUTEN Oct. 8, 1824 or 5

Garret VAN HOUTEN and Sally DECAY were married (date not given)

Encrease VAN HOUTEN and Sophia VAN RIPER were married Sept. 1833

Nathaniel VAN HOUTEN and Rebecca THOMPSON were married April 28, 1834

Encrease VAN HOUTEN and Catharine ELLIS were married September 22, 1836

Moses VAN HOUTEN and Mary BROOKS were married Jan. 22, 1838

Gibson VAN HOUTEN and Catherine HALL were married Nov. 23, 1845

Henery JOHNSON & Sarah J. VAN HOUTEN married Oct. 14, 1847

Encrease Gould VAN HOUTEN of Paterson, State of N.J. and Elizabeth HART of Brooklyn E.D., State of N.Y., were married at 447 Main St., Paterson on the 22nd day of October 1876 by Alfred MILLINGTON. Witness Luke DUNKERLEY.


John GOULD was born the 3rd of October 1735

Anna GOULD, wife of John GOULD, was born June 27, 1738

Encrease GOULD, son of John & Anna GOULD, was born Nov. 27, 1759

Polly, first wife of Encrease GOULD, was born March 24, 1764

Betsy GOULD, Dauther of Encrease & Polly GOULD, was born April 19, 1784.

Nathaniel GOULD was born April 12, 1787

Polly was born Oct. 12, 1789

Julia was born Dec. 16, 1792

Moses E. was born July 8, 1795

George PERSONETTE, Father of Polly, wife of Encrease GOULD, was born Aug 20, 17–?

Polly, wife of George PERSONTT, was born Feb. 1731

Agness, second wife of Encrease GOULD was born 23 of May 1767

Sally, Dauter of Agness and Encrease GOULD was born Aug. 10, 1799

Benjamin GOULD, son of Encrease & Agness GOULD was born Nov. 3, 1805

John G. VAN HOUTEN was born March 9, 1783

Mary Ann, daughter of John G. & Betsy VAN HOUTEN was born March 13, 1805

Encrease G. VAN HOUTEN was born Nov. 18, 1807

Garret was born Nov. 27, 1810

Nathaniel was born Aug. 6, 1813

Cornelia was born Feb. 3, 1816

Moses was born April 8, 1818

Sarah Julia was born June 8, 1820

Cornelius Gibson was born May 23, 1822

Anges GOULD was born Nov. 23, 1827

Mary Ann James, daughter of Nathaniel and Rebecca VAN HOUTEN was born Jan. 21, 1835

William James VAN HOUTEN was born August 15, 1837

Matilda Thompson VAN HOUTEN was born Jan. 23, 1840

Lucy Ann VAN HOUTEN was born April 10, 1842


John GOULD died Aug. 28, 1807

Anna, his wife, died May 3, 1780

Encrease, their son, died Jan. 11, 1815

Polly, wife of Encrease GOULD, died April 22, 1798

George PERSONETT, father of Polly, wife of Encrease GOULD, died June 9, 1816

Polly, wife of George PERSONETTE, died June 9, 1810

Elizabeth, wife of John G. VAN HOUTEN, died March 30, 1851

Nathaniel, son of John G. and Betsy VAN HOUTEN, died Aug. 28, 1842

Cornelia, daughter of John G. and Betsy VAN HOUTEN, died Dec. 1, 1817

Mary Ann James, daughter of Nathaniel and Rebecca VAN HOUTEN, died Sept 29, 1836

Lucy Ann VAN HOUTEN died Sept. 27, 1812

William James VAN HOUTEN died Sept. 30, 1842

Matilda Thompson VAN HOUTEN died March 16, 1843

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