Garret Mountain Tower

By Wm. H. Rauchfuss

Behold the Tower
Of highest power
Atop Garret Mount!
Each solid stone
Stands out alone
With which Time does not count.

It’s presence dear
Our hearts doth cheer;
We love to see it there
On highest ground
Which Lambert found
With labor and great care.
Its work was wrought
Most intricate—
How true it stands and plumb!

It casts a spell

As sentinel
O’er all the folks who come.

When far away,
I hail the day
When I may then return
And there espy
It way up high,
And how my heart doth burn!
I this would raise
My voice in praise
Of such a friend to me.
Where’er I roam
I come back home—
That Tower I HAVE to see.



Note:  In 2014, after extensive repairs, this well-known County landmark was re-opened to the public.  The observatory tower was built by Catholina Lambert in 1896.