“The Old Mountain Cemetery” (Wayne)


In the summer of 1931, Mr. Edwin DOREMUS compiled a listing of seven cemeteries in Passaic and Morris County, NJ. Doremus copied these inscriptions onto individual slips of paper and indexed and numbered them in a stone-by-stone sequence. His handwritten slips were microfilmed by the by Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah at Newark on 28 Nov 1973 by J. Norton and were most likely destroyed afterwards.

Mr. Doremus’s original microfilmed slips and index can be seen on LDS microfilms #0947150 and #1016883 (index). The individual inscription records below were extracted from these microfilmed records by Mr. George VAN RIPER in late 1999.

Edwin Doremus writes the following, taken in part from his “Cemetery and Burial Records of Pompton Plains, NJ and Vicinity,” dated September 6, 1937:

“The accompanying records, dating back as far as 1768, were compiled in the summer of 1931 from eight sources.

“These records are numbered and arranged in the order in which the stones are found in the respective cemeteries. However, several items carry the same number with the subscript A, B, C., etc. If either (1), several names appear on one stone, or (2) one stone bears a family name with various markers bearing individual names.

“There are two exceptions to this arrangement: (1) stones which have fallen and have been covered over have no numbers allotted to them, and (2) by mistake in numbering the items, some numbers were skipped. The latter omissions have all been indicated in the proper place.

“To aid the researchist, where a wife is not buried adjacent to her husband, a cross reference has been included on the transcript of the husbands record. The same procedure has been followed in the case of children. Also, notation has been made on the transcript of any Lodge or Service Organization Insignia found by a headstone.”

~ Edwin Doremus ~

“Mountain View” Cemetery. Mountain View (Wayne), about 200 feet west of the Erie Railroad tracks, 600 yards South of the Fairfield Road crossing. (Cemetery location per Edwin Doremus circa 1930’s.)








Charles Edgar JACOBUS  

Dec. 24, 1855


Son of James & Eliza JACOBUS


Francis W. RYERSON  

Feb. 15, 1853




Henrietta RYERSON  

Jan. 31, 1850




John Henry RYERSON  

Aug. 7, 1860




William F. RYERSON        


Emalina RYERSON  

Mar. 11, 1885

68 yrs. 5 mo



James Cristopher RYERSON  

Aug. 9, 1883





Nov. 27, 1817

24 yrs. 3 da

Wife of Moses KIERSTED, daughter of John & Hannah MEAD



July 8, 1816

76 yrs.




Oct. 19, 1846

70 yrs.

Wife of Peter COURTER#C4

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