THE HAMILTON CLUB  Paterson, New Jersey 1905


(taken from the book of the same name)

The Hamilton Club owes its origin to a discussion which took place one evening during the summer of 1890 at the residence of Garret A. HOBART, Vice President of the United States. The absence of club facilities in Paterson had been adversely commented upon and all present agreed that there was no reason why a properly equipped club with desirable membership could not be organized. The formal organization of the Club, under the laws of the state enacted for such purpose took place on September 20, 1890, the charter members being John CAMPBELL, Joseph W. CONGDON, Jacob WEIDMANN, John H. REYNOLDS, James JACKSON, Peter RYLE, William BERDAN, Henry l. BUTLER, Robert I. HOPPER, John H. HOPPER, Garret A. HOBART, Henry C. KNOX, John W. GRIGGS, William RYLE, Charles N. STERRETT, and Albert A. WILCOX.

The question of a name for the new organization was quickly disposed of. Certainly no name more appropriate could have been selected that that of the founder of Paterson, Alexander Hamilton, a man whose distinguished services as Secretary of Treasury in the infant days of the republic will ever lend luster to everything with which his name is associated.

The premises in Church Street were occupied until on account of the increasing membership they were found to be wholly inadequate. A committee was appointed to secure more commodious quarters and their labors resulted in the purchase of the property on the northwest corner of Church and Ellison Streets and the completion there n 1897 of the present home of the Hamilton Club. The conflagration of February, 1902, for some time spared the home of the Hamilton Club, as if loath to add to its ravages in the place which had become endeared to so many residents of Paterson and about which clustered so many pleasant associations. The fire had almost burned itself out; it had swept about the Club house but without injuring it and the fire fighters had begun to think of rest after a night of terror and fatigue when smoke was noticed issuing from beneath the eaves of the Club house. Unfortunately for the Club, the fire apparatus was scattered in parts of the city deemed more vulnerable than the corner of Church and Ellison Streets. Members of the Club, assisted by the friendly hands of many outsiders, worked hard to save the structure, but the building succumbed to the flames, and when the return taps were sounded on the fire alarm there was nothing left of the home of the Hamilton Club excepting the charred walls and such furniture as had been removed before the flames spread to the lower stories. No greater compliment could have been paid to the efficiency of the original building committee than the unanimous adoption of a resolution that the Club house should be restored even to the minutest detail as it was before the fire. This was done and the Club house stands today just as it did when it was first taken possession of by the Club.

1905 Membership Roster



ACKERMAN, William S. Resident
ADAMS, William F. Deceased
AGNEW, Charles Resident
AGNEW, Dr. Frank E. Resident
AGNEW, Jonn P. Resident
ALEXANDER, Dr. A.F. Resident
ALLEN, Alpheus S. Resident
ALLEN, Frank R. Non-Resident
ALLEN, Henry C. Resident
ANDERSON, John H. Non-Resident
ANDREAE, Otto, Jr. Non-Resident
ANDREWS, C.A. Non-Resident
ARNOLD, William A. Resident
ASPINWALL, H.C. Deceased
ATTERBURY, R.R. Resident
AUGER, Charles L. Resident
BAILEY, Josiah J. Resident
BAKER, George B. Resident
BALDWIN, James M. Deceased
BALL, Frederick W. Non-Resident
BALLERAY, Dr. George H. Resident
BANTA, Dr. John J. Resident
BARBOUR, J. Edwards Resident
BARBOUR, Johnson Non-Resident
BARBOUR, Robert Deceased
BARBOUR, William Resident
BARKALOW, Daniel Resident
BARKALOW, John S. Resident
BARKALOW, Sidney Resident
BEACH, Henry M. Resident
BEAM, John R. Deceased
BEARDMORE, Thomas J. Resident
BEATTIE, Robert Non-Resident
BEATTIE, Robert, Jr. Non-Resident
BEATTIE, William Deceased
BEATTIE, William H. Resident
BECKER, Edwin J. Non-Resident
BEGGS, Frederic Resident
BELL, Edward T. Resident
BELL, Edward T., Jr. Resident
BELL, Henry F. Resident
BENTLEY, Thomas W. Resident
BERDAN, Charles K. Resident
BERDAN, John H. Deceased
BERDAN, William Resident
BERGEN, Charles A. Resident
BERGEN, Joseph A. Resident
BERRY, J. David Deceased
BERRY, William H. Resident
BEVERIDGE, Thomas Resident
BLACKBURN, W.H. Non-Resident
BLAKELEY, George H. Resident
BLAUVELT, Erastus Resident
BLAUVELT, J.J. Resident
BLAUVELT, James G. Resident
BLAUVELT, William D. Resident
BLUM, Edwin Non-Resident
BLUM, Frederick Non-Resident
BLUM, Henry L. Non-Resident
BLUNDELL, Dr. William Resident
BLUNDELL, John W. Resident
BLUNTSCHLI, John Resident
BOETTGER, Theodore Non-Resident
BOND, Harry K. Resident
BOOTH, Charles H. Resident
BOOTH, J. Morgan Deceased
BRANDES, Julius Resident
BRAUN, Louis F. Resident
BRIESON, R.V. Non-Resident
BROCK, William M. Resident
BROWN, Edwin S. Non-Resident
BROWN, John J. Deceased
BUCKLEY, John F. Resident
BUELL, Wallace Resident
BURNETT, David Non-Resident
BUTLER, Henry L. Deceased
CADE, John T. Resident
CAMPBELL, Daniel L. Resident
CAMPBELL, Henry G. Resident
CAMPBELL, John Deceased
CARTER, Robert D. Non-Resident
CATLIN, George L. Deceased
CHISWELL, George S. Resident
CHISWELL, Richard R. Resident
CHRISTIE, F.B. Deceased
CLARK, Henry I. Resident
CLARK, Herbert H. Resident
CLARK, John E. Resident
CLEVELAND, J.W. Resident
COLLIER, Abram Resident
CONGDON, Joseph W. Resident
CONGER, Kenyan B. Non-Resident
COOK, John H. Non-Resident
COOKE, Charles D. Resident
COOKE, Fred W. Resident
COOKE, J. Barclay Resident
COOKE, James W. Resident
COOKE, John K. Resident
COOKE, John S. Resident
COOKE, Watts Deceased
COOPER, Everitt, A. Non-Resident
COX, Winfield S. Non-Resident
CRANDALL, H.B. Resident
CREW, Alfred Resident
CURIE, Charles Non-Resident
CURRIE, Dr. D.A. Non-Resident
CURTS, Dr. Robert M. Resident
CUTLER, Otis H. Non-Resident
DANFORTH, Charles Deceased
DAVIDSON, George Non-Resident
DAVIS, William H. Non-Resident
DE YOE, J. Willard Resident
DENNER, Dr. E.F. Resident
DERY, D. George Non-Resident
DIXON, Johathan Honorary
DOERKIN, Edward Resident
DOHERTY, Henry Resident
DRUKKER, Dow H. Non-Resident
DUMONT, Wayne Resident
DUNCAN, Dr. O.B. Non-Resident
DUNN, Charles B. Resident
DUNN, Michael Resident
DYNAN, Thomas D. Non-Resident
EASTWOOD, Benj. Deceased
EASTWOOD, Benjamin, Jr. Resident
EASTWOOD, James Resident
EDWARDS, Charles Resident
EDWARDS, Edmund G. Resident
EMLEY, Eugene Resident
ENSIGN, Charles E. Non-Resident
ENTWISTLE, James Resident
EVANS, S.S., Jr. Resident
FAIRCHILD, A.C. Resident
FAIRHURST, Joseph Resident
FARNUM, Samuel B. Resident
FENWICK, A.G. Non-Resident
FERGUSON, John W. Resident
FIFIELD, Edward Deceased
FISCHER, August A. Resident
FLEISCHER, Nathan Resident
FLETCHER, William H. Resident
FOOT, Sandford D. Non-Resident
FORBES, Harry A. Resident
FORD, Frank R. Non-Resident
FORDYCE, Robert H. Resident
FORMANS, Joseph Resident
FRAZIER, John Resident
FREUND, Alfred L. Deceased
GAEDE, Robert Resident
GARDINER, E. Le B. Non-Resident
GARTNER, Alfred Resident
GEDNEY, Edward E. Non-Resident
GEERING, Emil Resident
GERZOG, Edwin N. Non-Resident
GILLESPIE, Thomas A. Non-Resident
GILLESPIE, Thomas H. Non-Resident
GILLSON, Dr. John T. Resident
GLEDHILL, Frank Resident
GODDEFROY, Richard Resident
GOODBODY, Robert Resident
GORDON, R.B. Non-Resident
GOURLEY, William B. Resident
GRAEF, Walter, H. Non-Resident
GRAHAM, Archibald Resident
GRIGGS, J. Leavitt Resident
GRIGGS, John W. Resident
GRIMSHAW, David H. Resident
GRIMSHAW, John Resident
GRINSHAW, George Resident
GRUND, Ernest Resident
GSELLER, Albert H. Non-Resident
GUTHERSON, Robert S. Resident
HALDANE, Andrew P. Resident
HALL, Isaac A. Resident
HALSTED, Elmer Z. Resident
HAMMOND, John Resident
HAND, Thomas Resident
HAND, William Resident
HANNAH, George E. Resident
HARDING, John W. Resident
HARRIS, Dr. P.A. Resident
HAVRON, John Non-Resident
HEISLEY, Wilbur A. Non-Resident
HENRY, David Resident
HERRICK, Carlton M. Deceased
HERSEY, Clinton B. Deceased
HESS, Walter L. Non-Resident
HEWAT, Henry J. Resident
HILL, Adolf Resident
HINCHLIFFE, James C. Resident
HINCHLIFFE, John Resident
HINDLE, Charles B. Deceased
HINE, Edwin W. Non-Resident
HOBART, Garret A. Deceased
HOFFMAN, William T. Non-Resident
HOLMES, William J. Deceased
HOPPER, John Deceased
HOPPER, John H. Resident
HOPPER, Robert I. Resident
HOPSON, Edwin N. Resident
HORTON, Rayton E. Resident
HUDSON, Walter R. Resident
HUGHES, Robert G. Resident
HUGHES, Robert S. Deceased
HUMPHREYS, John B. Non-Resident
HUNTOON, Oscar C. Resident
HUNZIKER, A. Resident
HURLEY, John R. Resident
INGLIS, Archibald W. Resident
INGLIS, James, Jr. Resident
INGLIS, William M. Resident
JACKSON, Charles E. Resident
JACKSON, James Deceased
JAMISON, John A., Jr. Resident
JOHNSON, Dr. Walter B. Resident
JOHNSON, John Resident
JOHNSON, William M. Non-Resident
JOHNSTON, James Non-Resident
KATZ, Arthur Resident
KATZ, Bernard Resident
KATZ, Herbert Resident
KATZ, Philip Deceased
KEARNS, William H. Resident
KEELER, Edward A. Deceased
KENT, Benjamin Resident
KING, Charles M. Resident
KING, Nathaniel Non-Resident
KINNE, Dr. Porter S. Resident
KIREKER, C. Frank Resident
KIREKER, Charles F. Resident
KLIPSTEIN, E.C. Non-Resident
KNAPP, A.H. Resident
KNISCHER, W.E. Resident
KNOX, Henry C. Resident
LAMBERT, Catholina Resident
LAMBERT, Samuel S. Resident
LEAL, Dr. John L. Resident
LEE, John R. Resident
LEVI, Lewis Resident
LEWIS, Vivian M. Resident
LEWIS, William I. Resident
LIENARZ, A.A. Resident
LOBDELL, Fred W. Non-Resident
LOCKWOOD, William J. Resident
LOTTE, Charles E. Non-Resident
LOWE, Dr. William Herbert Resident
MAASS, Frank Resident
MAC ALISTER, Dr. W.W. Resident
MACKINTOSH, Dr. M.A. Resident
MACMAHON, F.J. Deceased
MADDEN, James T. Non-Resident
MARSH, Dr. Elias J. Resident
MARSH, Dr. Elias J., Jr. Resident
MARSHALL, J.B. Resident
MASON, John B. Resident
MAY, Charles H. Resident
MC ADOO, Malcolm R. Resident
MC BRIDE, Dr. A.F. Resident
MC CARTER, George S. Resident
MC CARTER, Thomas N. Non-Resident
MC CLAIN, Robert Non-Resident
MC CONNELL, Niven Resident
MC COY, Dr. John C. Resident
MC CRAN, Thomas F. Resident
MC CRYSTAL, Joseph Resident
MC CULLOCH, A.L. Resident
MC CULLY, Francis K. Resident
MC CULLY, Fred W. Non-Resident
MC GILL, William Resident
MC KEE, L.T. Non-Resident
MC KEE, Wood Resident
MC LANE, Alexander Non-Resident
MC MURRAY, Charles J. Resident
MECKEL, Aurel Resident
MEDING, Charles E. Resident
MENNEL, Christian Deceased
MERSELIS, Edo I. Resident
MEYERS, Harry Non-Resident
MILSON, Thomas H. Resident
MORRIS, Michael J. Deceased
MORRISSE, James A. Deceased
MURRAY, Alexander Resident
MUZZY, Edward H. Resident
MUZZY, Henry Resident
MUZZY, Samuel V.S. Resident
MYERS, C.F.W. Deceased
MYERS, George A. Resident
NATHAN, Samuel Resident
NELDEN, Robert J. Resident
NELSON, William Resident
NEWKIRK, William T. Resident
NEWTON, Dr. W.K. Resident
NORWOOD, William G. Resident
O’CONNELL, Daniel Non-Resident
O’NEILL, John J. Non-Resident
OBORSKI, Florian Deceased
OLDEN, Eugene H. Resident
PALMER, S. Fielder Resident
PARKE, Dr. Henry Resident
PARKER, John A. Non-Resident
PARKER, John A. Deceased
PARMELEE, Henry H. Resident
PAUL, Henry L. Resident
PENNINGTON, William Resident
PERRY, James Non-Resident
PETERS, Franklin A. Resident
PHELPS, John J Non-Resident
PHELPS, Sheffield Deceased
PHIN, John Honorary
PIAGET, Louis A. Resident
PINNEO, James B. Deceased
PITNEY, Henry C. Honorary
PITNEY, Mahlon Honorary
PLATT, Thomas E. Resident
POST, George A. Resident
PRINCE, John Dyneley Non-Resident
PRUDEN, Dr. William H. Resident
PULVER, George B. Deceased
QUACKENBUSH, Peter Resident
QUACKENBUSH, Peter C. Resident
READ, Jerome C. Resident
RETTGER, C.C. Non-Resident
REYNOLDS, Charles Resident
REYNOLDS, F.R. Resident
REYNOLDS, John H. Resident
RODGERS, David G. Resident
ROGERS, William H. Resident
ROMETCH, William H. Non-Resident
ROSENHEIM, Ralph Resident
ROSSITER, Richard Resident
ROWSON, Peter R. Resident
ROYLE, Heber Resident
ROYLE, Vernon Resident
RYER, George S. Non-Resident
RYLE, Arthur Resident
RYLE, Ernest Resident
RYLE, Peter Deceased
RYLE, William T. Deceased
SAMWORTH, Joseph Resident
SANDFORD, E. Harrison Deceased
SCEERY, Edward Resident
SCHAUM, Otto W. Non-Resident
SCHICK, F.A. Resident
SCHIFFER, Alfred Non-Resident
SCHLAEPFER, Charles Resident
SCHLEICHER, R.H. Non-Resident
SCHMIDT, John Non-Resident
SCOTT, Francis Resident
SCOTT, W. George Resident
SEARING, F.F. Resident
SHARPE, J. Wilson Resident
SHAW, Ralph Resident
SHAW, Willard P. Resident
SHEEHAN, Daniel J. Deceased
SHERWOOD, S.S. Resident
SHIELDS, P.J. Resident
SHIELDS, Thomas E. Resident
SHRINER, Charles A. Resident
SIMON, Charles Resident
SIMPSON, James Resident
SLATER, John J. Non-Resident
SMITH, Carlton C. Resident
SMITH, Charles R. Resident
SMITH, Dr. James W. Resident
SMITH, J. Julius Deceased
SMITH, J. Waldo Non-Resident
SPEIDEL, Hugo S. Resident
SPENGEMAN, E.A. Resident
STALTER, W.W. Resident
STEPHEN, James Brown Non-Resident
STEPHENS, H.T. Resident
STERRETT, Charles N. Resident
STERRETT, Robert H. Resident
STEVENSON, Eugene Resident
STEWART, James F. Deceased
STITES, Charles S. Non-Resident
STOREY, John A. Deceased
STRANGE, William Deceased
STRICKLER, Dr. A.G. Resident
SUMNER, W.A. Resident
TAYLOR, A. Mierritt Non-Resident
TILT, Albert Resident
TILT, Albert Deceased
TILT, Benjamin B. Non-Resident
TODD, Dr. Francis H. Resident
TOWNLEY, George A. Resident
TOWNLEY, William G., Jr. Resident
TOWNSEND, Zebulon, E. Resident
TURNER, Roger C. Resident
TURNER. A.R., Jr. Resident
TUTTLE, Hobart Resident
VAN BUREN, C.M. Non-Resident
VAN CLEVE, Frank Resident
VAN CLEVE, Garret Resident
VAN DUSEN, Thomas D. Resident
VAN HOUTEN, Isaac Resident
VAN KIRK, P.S. Resident
VAN OLINDA, F.F. Resident
VAN RIPER, Alfred J. Resident
VAN WAGNER, P.H. Resident
VAN WINKLE, Franklin Resident
VAN WINKLE, J. Albert Resident
VOORHIS, Garret D. Deceased
WADSWORTH, Joseph Resident
WALDEN, James H. Non-Resident
WALKER, Alexander D. Non-Resident
WALKER, H.F. Resident
WATSON, George H. Resident
WATSON, Samuel J. Resident
WATTS, Charles E. Resident
WEIDMANN, Jacob Resident
WELLS, Reuben Resident
WENTWORTH, F.W. Resident
WHITE, Fred S. Non-Resident
WHITEHEAD, Joseph Resident
WHITNEY, Joseph B. Non-Resident
WILCOX, Albert A. Resident
WILLARD, Dr. H.S. Non-Resident
WILLIAMS, H.E. Deceased
WILLIAMS, William H. Resident
WILSON, James Resident
WINFIELD, Albert D. Deceased
WISE, Leo P. Non-Resident
WISKE, C. Mortimer Resident
YERGASON, John S. Non-Resident
ZABRISKIE, Albert Resident
ZABRISKIE, John C. Resident

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