Spear/Hindle Family Bible Records


Bible photographed by Nancy JOHNSTONE RATAY
Bible in possession of Anna Elizabeth MOFFIT MORGAN

Transcribed records from two Bibles formerly owned by Daisy Hindle SPEAR MOFFIT, a native born Patersonian who died in Kentucky. Daughter Anna Elizabeth MOFFIT MORGAN currently holds possession of original Bible.


Presented to Lizzie
by Charles B. HINDLE
April 20, 1885

Birth Page

John B. SPEAR December 10, 1854
HINDLE July 25th, 1861
Daisy Hindle 
SPEAR March 6th, 1888
Hester Louise 
SPEAR Jan. 31st, 1891
MOFFIT May 10, 1921
MOFFIT Nov. 17, 1925
Anna Elizabeth 
MOFFIT March 4, 1930
Nancy Louise 
JOHNSTONE Sept. 5, 1949
Erich Paul 
VIERKANT Feb. 7, 1951
James Lawton 
VIERKANT July 26, 1952
Charles Michael 
MARVEL March 17, 1960
Mary Melinda 
MARVEL July 10, 1964
Clifton Scott 
MORGAN March 5, 1963
Erich Paul 
VIERKANT, Jr. March 19, 1977

Death Page

John H. HINDLE – Elizabeth HINDLE’s parent July 31st, 1888
Elizabeth, wife of John H. 
HINDLE, Oct 7th, 1862
HINDLE, brother of Elizabeth HINDLE, Jan 1st, 1887
Mary Ellen 
SPEAR, sister of John B., Oct 16th, 1875
Elizabeth Hindle 
SPEAR, May 29th, 1909
John B. 
SPEAR, Dec. 13, 1925
Mary Malinda 
MOFFIT, Apr. 23, 1942

Marriage Page

John B. SPEAR and Elizabeth HINDLE, April 23, 1885
Robert H. 
FORDYCE and Daisy Ackerman HINDLE June 17th 1885
James William 
MOFFIT and Daisy Hindle SPEAR July 3, 1919
Wilfred L. Lloyd-
SMITH and Hester Louise SPEAR Aug. 23, 1919
James Geo. 
JOHNSTONE and Louise MOFFIT Aug. 24, 1946
Billy Gene 
MORGAN and Anna Elizabeth MOFFIT Dec. 23, 1949
VIERKANT and Beatrice MOFFIT July 28, 1950

Memoranda Page

John H. HINDLE, Born May 27th, 1833
Mary Elizabeth 
HAMMOND, Born Aug. 5th, 1835, Married Sep. 9th, 1855

Hester Louisa CUNNINGHAM, Born Sept. 19th, 1844, Married Nov 20th 1864
HINDLE, Born June 19th, 1856
Daisy Ackerman 
HINDLE, Born Dec. 5th, 1857
Charles Beckwith 
HINDLE, Born June 8th, 1866
Frank Lawton 
HINDLE, Born March 29th, 1871

Jacob SPEAR, Born Jan. 19th, 1828
Eliza Ann 
POST, Born Apr. 1st, 1831, Married April 2nd 1851

Mary Ellen SPEAR, Born Feb. 16th, 1852
Charles J. 
SPEAR, Born Dec. 26th, 1872
John Barnard 
SPEAR, Died Dec., 1925
James William 
MOFFIT, Born Jan. 10, 1889 (Daddy’s birthday)



Used with permission of Nancy JOHNSTONE RATAY, Denver Co.

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