Smith Family Bible Records


No publication date – Cover off book – Owned by John L. DUSENBERRY, living in Hawthorne, N.J. in 1938. Copied by Miss Mattie BOWMAN and filed at The Passaic County Historical Society. Typed by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr., May 25, 1973.

(Inscription in front)



John P. SMITH and Anna BUSH was mared the 11th of December befor the Luthern preacher at Saddle River, his name was SMITH, in 1830.

John P. SMITH, Jr., and Chrise SPRINGFIELD was marred, June 28, 1885.


William VAN VOORHASE was born May 21st, 1758

Maria Ann SMITH, daughter of John and Ann SMITH, was born June 9, 1832

Peter I. SMITH, son of John and Ann SMITH, was born July 9th, 1839

Samuel Bush SMITH, son of John P. SMITH and Ann SMITH, was born May the 23 A.D. 1846

John P. SMITH, Jr., was born Sept. 11th, 1863, son of Peter J. SMITH and Charity M. SMITH

Alonzo Gannon was born December the 14, 1856

John P. SMITH was born in the year of our Lord 1808, August the 31.

Ann SMITH was born October the 5 in the year of our Lord, 1806

John William SMITH, sun of Samuel B. and Ardealia A. SMITH, was born Janury the 18th, 1869

Cathrin Anna SMITH, daughter of Samuel B. and Ardealia A. SMITH, was born October the 27 (or 21?) 1870

Abraham Ryerson SMITH, son of Samuel B. and Ardealia A. SMITH was born August the 11, 1872

Charles Ackerman, third son of Samuel B. and Ardealia A. SMITH, was born August the 4, 1875

Samuel Tilden SMITH was borne April the 5th 1877

Charity M.M. SMITH was born March the 30th 1879


William VAN VOORHASE died A.D. January the 27th A.D. 1849

Mary BUSH, wife of Samuel B. BUSH, died October the 27th, A.D. 1844

Samuel P. BUSH, died July 27, A.D. 1855

Ann SMITH, wife of John P. SMITH, died July the 27th, 1872

Ann BUSH, wife of John P. SMITH, died July the 27th, 1872, aged 65 years 9 months and 22 days

John P. SMITH died February 8, 1881, aged 72 yrs 5 mo. and 8 days

William SMITH died Febuary 16, 1894 aged 67 years 11 months 12 days

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