Tenth Annual Concert
held at
Public School Number 6 Auditorium
Carroll Street, One Block North of Broadway
Friday Evening, April 28th, 1933
At Eight O’clock Sharp

Under the Direction of Gustave Sonnen

Below is a listing of Riverside Athletic and Singing Club members who participated in this 10th Annual Concert. This listing, extracted from the original program, is part of the Passaic County Historical Society’s Pamphlet Collection.

BREMER, Walter Tenor Committee In Charge – Active Singer
BREMER, Werner Bass Active Singer
CLAEHSEN, Gerhard Bass Active Singer
CLAEHSEN, William Bass Active Singer
COLSMAN, Ernest Bass Active Singer
COLSMAN, Eugene Tenor Active Singer
DROGMANN, Max Cello String Quartette
DROZD, Jan 2nd Violin String Quartette
FARINE, Joseph Bass Active Singer
FERRETTI, Carlo Baritone  
FRANZEN, Emil Bass Active Singer
GAUGLER, Frank   Usher
GAUGLER, Theodore   Committee In Charge
GERHARDTS, Fritz Bass Active Singer
HANNES, Emil Tenor Active Singer
HERKOLTZ, Victor   Committee In Charge Secretary
IANNUCCI, Frank A.   Treasurer – Usher
JANDT, Robert Tenor President – Active Singer
JUNG, Walter Tenor Active Singer
JUNGER, Fritz Bass Active Singer
KELLMANN, Rudolph Bass Active Singer
KRAMER, Edward Bass Active Singer
KRAMER, Otto Bass Active Singer
LODNER, Henry Viola String Quartette
LORENZ, Joseph Tenor Active Singer
MULLER, Charles   Usher
MULLER, William Tenor Active Singer
NUERNBERG, Paul Bass Active Singer
NUSSBAUM, Herman Sr.   Financial Secretary
NUSSBAUM, John   Usher
PROBST, Adolt   Vice President
RIVETTI, Edward Accompanist  
RODE, Max Bass Active Singer
SCHAUB, John   Recording Secretary
SCHIPHORST, Carl Bass Active Singer
SCHMIDT, August Tenor Active Singer
SCHMIDT, Eugene Tenor Committee In Charge Chair – Active Singer
SCHMITT, Albert   Usher
SCHMITZ, Kurt Bass Active Singer
SCHMITZ, William Bass Committee In Charge Treasurer – Active Singer
SONNEN, Gustave Director Director of Chorus
STROTHMAN, Theo.   Usher
TOTZAUER, Joseph 1st Violin String Quartette
UHLEN, Charles Tenor Active Singer – Usher
UHLINGER, Leo Bass Active Singer
VON DER HEYDEN, Arthur Tenor Active Singer
WAGNER, Herman Tenor Active Singer
WAGNER, Karl Bass Active Singer
ZAFFINO, Frank   Committee In Charge
ZAFFINO, Frank   Usher

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