The Fallen Of The Great War: World War I Casualties From Passaic County



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“The Fallen of the Great War: World War I Casualties from Passaic County,” this 200 page book commemorates the 351 valiant citizens from Passaic County who died during the “War to End all Wars.” They were ordinary people from all walks of life living in large cities and small hamlets. Some were mill workers, farmers, and schoolboys. Others were professionals. A minister and a nurse were among the casualties. The one common thread was that they all made the supreme sacrifice for freedom. Many died on the battlefields, some were lost at sea, and others died as a result of accidents or in the great flu pandemic of 1918. We owe them all a great debt and hope this book will help to preserve their memory. We also hope readers will be encouraged to visitsome of the outstanding WWI Memorials throughoutthe Passaic County listed in the book.

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