Paterson Orphan Asylum Inmates (as of)  November 5, 1877


(Please note that the listing of inmates following has been altered slightly from its original format; it has been alphabetized for easier reference.)


BARNERT, Chas., aged 9 years
BIGGEL, Chas., aged 8 years
BLAUVELT, Frank, aged 11 years
BRAY, Richard, aged 8 years
BREMMER, Orestus, aged 10 years
BROWN, Harry, aged 10 years
COLLINS, John, aged 4 years
DONNELLY, Jas. W., aged 14 years
DUTCHER, Ralph, aged 13 years
FLANIGAN, Sylvester, aged 8 years
GRAY, Alexander, aged 10 years
HARRINGTON, Elmer, aged 5 years
HILDEBRANT, William, aged 11 years
JACKSON, Joseph, aged 12 years
KREAGLOH, Harry Albert, aged 8 years
KREAGLOH, William Alex, aged 6 years
LAWSON, Francis, aged 10 years
MAGINN, George, aged 4 years
MC CARTY, Wm., aged 10 years
MENS (sp), George, aged 10 years
MILLER, David Jas., aged 7 years
MOSELY, David, aged 12 years
MOSELY, William, 8 years
PEASE, Edward, aged 7 years
PEASE, Harry, aged 9 years
PRICE, Frank, aged 9 years
PRICE, Irving, aged 14 years
PRICE, John H., aged 7 years
PRICE, Realto, aged 11 years
PRICE, Theodore, aged 6 years
SHILLINGS, John, aged 6 years
SILVERMAN, Frank, aged 7 (or 8) years
SIMON, Edward, aged 6 years
THOMPSON, Jas., aged 6 years
WALKER, Peter, aged 6 years
WALKER, Wm. K., aged 10 years
WEISS, Chas., aged 9 years
WOLFE, Leonard, aged 7 years
WOOD, Joseph, aged 13 years

No. 39


ALMON, Jane, aged 7 years
ALMON, Mary, aged 11 years
BRAY, Mary, aged 10 years
DONNELLY, Martha, aged 8 years
GILLMORE, Jenie, aged 7 years
MAGINN, Carrie, aged 5 years
MC CARTY, Elizabeth, aged 15 years
MELLNOTTE, Emily, aged 6 years
MELLNOTTE, Virginia, aged 4 years
MILLER, Emma, aged 7 years
MILLER, Emma, No. D., aged 9 years
PARSONS, Nellie, aged 8 years
PARSONS, Sarah, aged 8 years
PRITCHARD, Sarah, aged 8 years
SAXON, Annie, aged 9 years
SAXON, Cora, aged 7 years
SCHILLINGS, Amelia, aged 9 years
SHAWS, Susie, aged 11 years
TAYLOR, Isabella, aged 8 years
TAYLOR, Sarah Jane, aged 11 years
VAN SCHAICK, Anne, aged 12 years
WALKER, Christina K., aged 12 years
WATSON, Hortense, aged 8 years
WEYMAN, Hannah, aged 14 years
WHITE, Alberta, aged 5 years
WHITE, Jennie, aged 7 years
WOOD, Mary, aged 10 years

No. 27

Total 66

Mrs. Andrew W.A. HENNION, Matron
Mrs. Andrew W.A. 
HENNION, Teacher
Miss Jennie 
HENNION, Music Teacher

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