Twenty-Third Annual Commencement
Thursday Evening, June 29th
Broadway Reformed Church




ALLEN, Ellen February, 1905
ALLEN, Lily June, 1905
ANDERSON, Jessie June, 1905
ASH, Jessie June, 1905
ASH, Olivia February, 1905
BARON, Rachel June, 1905
BLACK, Louise June, 1905
BLOOMFIELD, Irene June, 1905
CRAMPTON, Fannie February, 1905
DE GRAW, Edna June, 1905
GLATT, Anna June, 1905
GOLDFARB, Rebecca June, 1905
HURLBURT, Maude June, 1905
KING, Grace June, 1905
McCANN, Margaret February, 1905
MERRILL, Meta June, 1905
MILLER, Sarah June, 1905
NEWELL, Gertrude June, 1905
O’GORMAN, Marie June, 1905
PHELAN, Katherine June, 1905
POTTER, Gertrude February, 1905
PRALL, Katherine June, 1905
SCHOEN, Julie June, 1905
SCHOONMAKER, Elsye June, 1905
SCOTT, Mary June, 1905
SMITH, Helen June, 1905
VAN BLARCOM, Jane June, 1905
VAN BUSKIRK, Margaret June, 1905
VAN DINE, Lena June, 1905
WOOD, Bessie June, 1905

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