Thirty-First Annual Commencement
Wednesday Evening, June 28th
Eight O’clock

Paterson Opera House





ARNOLD, Augusta Antoinette Scientific June 1905
BABCOCK, James W. Classical January 1905
BARNES, Helen M. Classical January 1905
BARNES, Lillian E. Scientific June 1905
BAUMAN, Lottie B. Scientific June 1905
BENDER, Theodore Classical June 1905
BERTSCHY, Herman J. Scientific June 1905
BIBBY, Harry Lambert Classical January 1905
BLACK, Alice Scientific January 1905
BREEN, Agnes L. Commercial June 1905
BREEN, Leonard Commercial January 1905
BROWN, Florence Dillistin Classical June 1905
CHLEBNIKOW, Eva Classical June 1905
CLEAVELAND, George L. Scientific June 1905
COHEN, Jacob B. Commercial June 1905
CORNISH, William Bethel Scientific June 1905
CROCKER, John Commercial January 1905
DALEY, Florence K. Classical January 1905
DAVENPORT, Helen Scientific June 1905
DeMOUTH, Ethel A. Commercial June 1905
DOREMUS, Charles H. Commercial January 1905
EBEL, Caroline Commercial January 1905
EVANS, William W. Scientific January 1905
FALK, Edith White Scientific January 1905
FEUERSTEIN, Pauline M. Scientific June 1905
FULTON, Myra Classical January 1905
GALL, John Classical January 1905
GAUTSCHY, Laura Commercial January 1905
GEMEINHART, Jessie Classical June 1905
GILPIN, Constance Classical January 1905
GORDON, Henry A. Commercial June 1905
GRADY, Dora E. Scientific January 1905
GRINKER, Jennie S. Commercial June 1905
HAND, Thomas Commercial January 1905
HARTLEY, Belle Scientific June 1905
HENNION, Marian Scientific January 1905
HOFFMAN, Gertrude M. Classical June 1905
HOGREWE, Louise Helen Scientific June 1905
HOUMAN, William Oakley Commercial January 1905
HUNZIKER, Lena Scientific January 1905
JOHNSON, Ethel Scientific January 1905
JONKER, Henrietta Classical June 1905
KREAMER, Jane Nesbit Scientific June 1905
LEARY, Frederick Purcell Classical June 1905
LEVIN, Morris F. Scientific June 1905
MARTIN, Florence Scientific January 1905
MAXFIELD, William E. Scientific June 1905
MAYER, George Charles Classical June 1905
McCABE, Loretta R. Scientific June 1905
McCRYSTAL, Helen Marie Scientific January 1905
McGINNIS, Charles S. Classical January 1905
McPHERSON, Mildred Commercial June 1905
MEIER, Ernest Commercial June 1905
MOIR, Robina Petrie Classical June 1905
MONKS, Etta Golda Classical January 1905
MONTMEAT, Frank Commercial January 1905
MORRIS, Edwin R. Classical January 1905
MUNSON, Lillian Classical June 1905
NIBLOCK, Mercy Scientific January 1905
OBEREMPT, Margaret Wilhelmina Classical June 1905
OLSEN, Katherine C. Scientific June 1905
OVERBECK, William Commercial June 1905
OWER, Hannah Classical January 1905
POLLITT, Annie Stagg Classical June 1905
POST, Viola Scientific January 1905
RAFF, Nathan Commercial June 1905
REED, Jennie Classical June 1905
ROGERS, Hannah Scientific January 1905
ROMARY, James Ernest Scientific June 1905
RUBENSTEIN, Rose Classical June 1905
SAN, Louis Classical January 1905
SCHROEDER, Louisa M. Commercial June 1905
SCHWARZ, Lillian R. Commercial June 1905
SHANNON, Edith Reid Classical June 1905
SHAPIRO, Annie Classical June 1905
SILVESTEIN, Raphael K. Scientific June 1905
SIMONTON, Joseph T. Commercial June 1905
SLUYTER, Anna Commercial January 1905
SMITH, Frank E. Commercial June 1905
SMITH, Robert K. Commercial June 1905
ST. LAWRENCE, William P. Scientific January 1905
STAPLETON, Beulah Scientific June 1905
STEAD, Beveridge Scientific June 1905
STEIN, Benjamin Classical January 1905
STORICK, Gussie Classical June 1905
STRUCK, Susie A. Commercial June 1905
STURR, Lulu Scientific June 1905
TANIS, Edward James Classical June 1905
TERHUNE, J. Edwin Scientific January 1905
THOMPSON, Rose Beatrice Scientific June 1905
THOMSON, Mary L. Commercial January 1905
TOOHER, Mary Rose Classical June 1905
TUBBS, Florence Anna Scientific June 1905
VAN DINE, Ethel Commercial January 1905
VAN EERDE, Albert Scientific June 1905
WALLACE, Frank Commercial January 1905
WATERMAN, Mercy Runyon Classical June 1905
WEBB, Elizabeth Commercial June 1905
WEISEMAN, George Commercial June 1905
WELLE, Eberhard Scientific June 1905
WRIGHT, Bertha Scientific June 1905

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