Thirtieth Annual Commencement

Tuesday Evening, June 21
Eight O’clock

Paterson Opera House


ARNOT, Elizabeth C. Commercial June 1904
BARTON, Charles K. Classical June, 1904
BERDAN, Gertrude Ethel Scientific June 1904
BERDAN, Will Wisemann Classical June, 1904
BRICK, Lily Eudice Classical June, 1904
BROPHY, William T. Commercial June 1904
BURK, Emory Lewis Scientific June 1904
BURK, Jennie Deborah Scientific June 1904
CARDINAL, Chrissie Fanny Scientific June 1904
CHADWICK, Ward Hayes Scientific January, 1904
CHLEBNIKOW, Anna J. Commercial June 1904
COBB, Edward Ellis Commercial June 1904
CONNOLLY, Sadie Loretta Scientific June 1904
CURIE, Jessie Marie Scientific June 1904
DEMPSEY, Katherine Scientific January, 1904
DEVLIN, John A. Scientific January, 1904
DILLISTIN, Alice Virginia Scientific January, 1904
DOREMUS, Edith T. Scientific June 1904
DOTY, Frank Rotsell Commercial June 1904
DUNN, Mae Gertrude Scientific June 1904
ELLENSTEIN, Ethel Classical June, 1904
FAIRHURST, Edward Commercial June 1904
FIVEHOUSES, John Commercial June 1904
GARDINER, Ethel Johnson Scientific June 1904
GEDNEY, Margaretta Mercedes Scientific June 1904
GILFILLAN, Florence Bell Classical January, 1904
GLASSER, John E.  Commercial June 1904
GLUGOWSKI, Louis C. Commercial June 1904
GREEN, William Joseph Commercial June 1904
GROSS, Marinus R. Commercial June 1904
HAEFELI, Leo, Jr. Commercial June 1904
HARTLEY, J. Ira Commercial June 1904
HAYWOOD, Martha Gertrude Scientific June 1904
HENNION, Louise Morrow Classical June, 1904
HICKS, Anne Tyler Scientific June 1904
HOGREWE, Grover R. Scientific June 1904
HOOK, Mary Classical June, 1904
HUGHES, James C. Commercial June 1904
HULL, Philip Albert Classical January, 1904
HUNTOON, Harriet Claire Scientific January, 1904
JONES, Rose R. Scientific June 1904
KALISKI, May Evlyne Scientific January, 1904
KENNA, Marion Evelyn Classical June, 1904
KING, Jennie Louise Commercial June 1904
KNIFFIN, John Woodford Classical June, 1904
KONGELMANN, John G. Commercial June 1904
KUENEMANN, Julia Josephine Classical June, 1904
LEVINE, Monroe Jefferson Classical June, 1904
LEVKOWICH, Harry James Classical June, 1904
LEVY, Helen Barnard Commercial June 1904
LOUGHLIN, Mary Loretta Classical January, 1904
MABEE, Winifred Scribner Classical June, 1904
MacDERMOTT, Margaret Coyle Classical June, 1904
MARTIN, John G. Scientific January, 1904
McCLUCHEON, Sadie Commercial June 1904
McINERNEY, Loretta Classical June, 1904
MILLER, Adeline M. Commercial June 1904
MILLS, Eleanor Belcher Classical June, 1904
MOULTON, Ethel H. Commercial June 1904
NEALON, Kathleen Elizabeth Classical June, 1904
NOLAN, Gertrude C. Scientific January, 1904
O’BLEMIS, Eliza A. Commercial June 1904
PEEBLES, Jessie Gray Scientific June 1904
PETTIGREW, Jessie M. Commercial June 1904
POTTER, Claudia Classical June, 1904
POWELL, Ethel Scientific June 1904
PRICE, Alfred J. Scientific June 1904
QUACKENBUSH, Minnie C. Commercial June 1904
RICKENBACKER, Marie Commercial June 1904
ROSENKAVICH, Annie Commercial June 1904
ROSENTHAL, Leo Classical June, 1904
SAGER, Ethel Commercial June 1904
SAN, Joseph Herbert Classical June, 1904
SANDERS, Carrie Gertrude Classical June, 1904
SEDDON, William Personet Classical June, 1904
SHAUGHNESSY, Joseph F. Commercial June 1904
SHORROCK, Minnie Wright Scientific June 1904
SIMMONS, Mary C. Commercial June 1904
SLATER, Lottie Adelia Classical June, 1904
SMITH, Mary Mapes Scientific June 1904
SOWERBUTT, Bessie Classical June, 1904
STROUT, Margaret Mae Commercial June 1904
STURR, Garret H. Commercial June 1904
TERRIBERRY, Helen Classical June, 1904
VAN HOUTEN, Helen Commercial June 1904
VAN WINKLE, Josie J. Scientific January, 1904
VEITH, George J. Scientific January, 1904
VREELAND, Lavina Classical June, 1904
WESTERVELT, Anna May Classical January, 1904
WOOD, Florence Ethel Scientific June 1904
YUNKER, Ottella C. Commercial June 1904

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