Jerseymen for the Union, Passaic Cty Volunteers (Forward)


To The Memory Of The Gallant Jerseymen Who Sacrificed Their Lives For The Maintenance Of The UnionThis Volume Is Reverently Dedicated.


In Memory of our soldier dead, the strong, the brave, and true,
o’skies of May, shine tenderly and wear your robes of blue
O’breezes, softly, gently waft the fragrance of our flowers,
upon the air while thus we deck these honored graves of our’s

This document records the burial places of Officers and Enlisted men of the New Jersey Volunteer Regiments who participated in the American Civil War 1861-1865.

Although every attempt has been made to avoid errors, in a volume of this nature and complexity, there are bound to be names, dates, and burial information which are incorrect.

This work has been compiled by William FRECK, who throughout the greater part of his ninety-plus years has visited the cemeteries listed, and through the reading of tombstone inscriptions, and other available media, has accumulated this information. For many years he was accompanied by his friend Stanley KOPEC. Some assistance and compilation of these records into a computer data-base has been accomplished through the assistance of Leonard J. BANNING.

Many published sources and accounts have been utilized in assisting Mr. Freck in his work, among these were the Stryker’s “Officers and Men of New Jersey in the War of the Rebellion” whose compilation of the officers and men was of invaluable assistance in the construction of the framework of this document.

The basis of individual Regiments Historys were derived from Dyer’s “Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.”

Conventions used in this work are:

Names Column: Names listed in upper case are recipients of the CMOH
“S” Column: “X” indicates the persons name is listed by Stryker.
  “D” indicates the person was listed by Stryker as a deserter.
  “0” indicates the person was listed in a source other than Stryker, and may be incorrect.
“Co.” Column: “*” indicates Staff Officer
“Cemetery” column: “( )” Parens enclose the location where the person died, and are used when no burial informantion is listed.

New Jersey in the Civil War

During the period of the Civil War, New Jersey provided the Federal Government with thirty-seven Regiments of Infantry; three Regiments of Cavalry; and one Regiment of Artillery, which consisted of five Batteries.

  The 1st Regiment of Cavalry, was the 16th New Jersey Volunteers.
  The 2nd Regiment of Cavalry, was the 32nd New Jersey Volunteers.
  The 3rd Regiment of Cavalry, was the 39th New Jersey Volunteers.
  The 1st Battery of Light Artillery (Hexamer’s), was also known as Battery A.
  The 2nd Battery of Light Artillery, was also known as Battery B.
  The 3rd Battery of Light Artillery, was also known as Battery C.
  The 4th Battery of Light Artillery, was also known as Battery D.
  The 5th Battery of Light Artillery, was also known as Battery E.

Complementing these regiments were more than 62,000 men, mostly volunteers.

The regimental colors of these regiments may be found at the New Jersey State Library in Trenton, New Jersey.


CHAPTER I Burial locations of officers and men of the New Jersey Regiments in the Civil War.
CHAPTER II Regimental Histories

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(Special Edition for use by the Passaic County Genealogical Club)
All persons listed in this edition enlisted from Passaic County,
and/or are interred in Passaic County