Garrabrant Family Bible Records


From family Bible, possession of Arthur GARRABRANT, 1968.
Copied from a sheet in the possession of G.R. CONOVER, J.G.W., 30 Apr (19)90.


Abraham GARRABRANT and Cornelia J. VRELAND, Dec. 9th, 1863 by Rev. Mr. STRONG.

Abraham GARRABRANT to Elizabeth DEMAREST, Jan. 11, 1882 by Rev. Mr. B.V.D. WYCOFF.

Austin C. PHILIP to Carrie GARRABRANT by W.L. HOGHAN at Newark, NJ

William GARRABRANT to Caroline HARTLEY by Rev. Edwin A. WHITE, June 18, 1910 at Glen Ridge, NJ

Arthur William GARRABRANT to Lillian WOLFF, June 29th, 1935 by Rev. Earl V. CONOVER, Brookdale Reformed Church

Edith C. GARRABRANT to Horace M. WOLFF, June 19, 1937 by Rev. E. CONOVER, Brookdale Reformed Church.

(in Abraham’s handwriting)

Abraham GARRABRANT, September 11, 1837
Cornelia J. VRELAND, Jan. 18, 1842, my wife, A.G.
Our first child, July 19th, 1864, Carrie, baptized by Rev. Mr. TALMADGE.
Second child, Nov. 29th, 1866, name John, btd. by Rev. Mr. STATZER
Third child, July 16th, 1872, Lydia, bpd. by Rev. Mr. John KERSHAW
Fourth child, Jan. 21, 1878, name Willie, bpd. by Rev. Mr. KERSHAW
Fifth child, Jan. 7, 1883, Frank D., bdp. Rev. Mr. SEE
Catharine E. DEMAREST, wife of Abraham, Dec. 26, 1844
Lois A. DEVEY GARRABRANT, wife of William, June 20, 1880
Arthur W. GARRABRANT, son of William and Lois, May 20th, 1910
Edith C. GARRABRANT, dau. of William and Lois, March 14, 1913
Elizabeth F. GARRABRANT, daughter of Frank and Caroline, Jan. 31, 1912
Marguerity I. GARRABRANT, dau. of Frank and Caroline, October ____ (date erased)


Cornelia Jane, wife of Abraham, died Oct. 14th, 1879, aged 37 years, 9 mo., 6 days
Elizabeth DEMAREST, wife of Abraham GARRABRANT, died Dec. 1, 1908, age 63 years, 11 mo., 5 days
Abraham GARRABRANT, died Nov. 20th, 1912, age 75 yr., 2 mo., 9 days
(entries in different handwriting)
Austin C. PHILIP, died Nov. 3, 1911, age 56, Oct. 30, 1855
John GARRABRANT, died April 21, 1927, aged 59 years, 4 mo., 22 days
William GARRABRANT, died Oct. 29, 1930, age 52 years, 9 mo., and 8 days
Lydia GARRABRANT, died Sept. 26, 1940, aged 68 years, 2 mot., 10 days.

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