Finding Aids


Finding Aids are simple documents that provide researchers with a summary of a specific collection. Included in the information are dates, subjects, and the size of each collection.
Below you will find a listing of some of the archival collections held in our library. Click on the link to read the finding aid. (The finding aids are in .pdf format; you will need Adobe Reader or other compatible application, plug-in or extension to properly view the files.)

Please note that this listing is not a complete list of our archival collections. New finding aids will be added to this site as we continue to process our archival holdings. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the list, please contact the library to inquire further.

For more detailed information about the listed collections or to arrange a visit to view a collection, please contact the Passaic County Historical Society Library at or by phone at (973) 247-0085 ext. 204.


1991-062   Dayspring/Paterson Firemen Collection (1891-1983)

1992-054   Susannah Parker Papers (1809-1931)

1995-24-114-3 Paterson YMCA

1996-1-1   The Dowling Family Papers (1870-1986)

2011-005   Johnston Ephemera Collection (1883-1930)

2011-008   Nashua Historical Society Photograph Collection (c. 1950)

2011-011   DenBlyker Photograph Collection (1902-1903)

2011-014   Polner Certificate Collection (1899-1905)

2011-016   Krattiger/Egg Ephemera Collection (c.1930s-1960s)

2012-005   Burns/Gelsinger Photograph Collection (c.1917-1965)

2012-007   Lembo-Alonzo Photograph Collection (1960)

2012-013   New Jersey Bell Company (1926-1976)

2012-023   Dillistin Collection (1808-1970)

2012-027   Lockwood Collection (1802-1995)

2012-032   Pompton Lakes Bulletin (1974)

2012-033   Hawthorne News Record (1974-1975)

2012-034   Paterson Public Press Collection (1974)

2012-035   Railroad and Engineering Journal (1887-1893)

2012-036   Star Bulletin Collection (1974-1976)

2012-040   La Voce Italiana (1974-1976)

2012-041   Cebra Photograph Collection (1925-1928)

2012-044   McGilvray Collection (1913-1963)

2012-047   Passaic County Music Collection (1892-1957)

2012-048   Political Campaign Material Collection (1913-1966)

2012-050   Krattiger/Egg Legacy Collection (1914-1990)

2012-052   Paterson Teachers Salary Adjustment Organization (1930-1945)

2012-070   Transportation Materials Collection (1879-1968)

2012-073-056   Dayspring Ephemera Collection (1864-1979)

2012-078   James Gabelle Memorial Collection (1905-1939)

2012-084   Edward T. Bell Collection (1837-1947)

2012-093   Shamy Postcard Collection (1905-1914)

2012-106   Thomas Collection (1932-1945)

2013-008   Robert P. Brooks Collection (1926-1976)

2013-023   Gaetano Federici Collection

2013-044.05  Johnston Papers

B653-02   Associated Water Company: Court Proceedings (1904-1932)

B859-01  Associated Water Company: Condemnation Repots of the Passaic Water Company

2003-08  Martindale/Paterson General Hospital Collection

2014-01 G. H. Worden Collection

2014-022  Schnatz Collection

2014-029.01 Patricia Federici Collection

2013-014 Louise and Leonard Singer Collection  (1951-2007)

2014-042 Passaic General Hospital

2014-043 Orange County, NY, Genealogy Newsletters

2014-053 1st Presbyterian Church of Passaic Collection

2012-039 Paterson Evening News Photographic Collection

2014-064 Catherine Howe Grosfils Document Collection

2014-070 Kane Collection

2015-002 The Patricia Conklin Postcard Collection

2014-046 Henry B. Crosby Scrapbook Collection 

2015-017 Patricia Federici Family Collection

B1038 Isaac Van Wagoner, Esq. Papers

13402 Chiswell Family Papers

2015-028 Lambert Family

2015-025 Lambert Research File

2015-044 Miriam Grenelle Collection

2015-046-09 David Wilkinson/Paterson Masonic Temple

2014-066-01 Cervino-Federici

2015-039 American Silk Trade Journals

2015-040 Silk Publications

2015-49-1 Gledhill Collection

2015-026-Dexter Lambert and Co.

B735-001 Quackenbush

2016-11 Berkheimer Ration Book Collection

2003-20 John C. Ploch Collection

2016-040 Reid Family Papers