Campbell Family Bible Records


Loose paper found in note book of STINSON Family Records owned by R.A. MILLS of Wayne, NJ. Copied June 15, 1968 by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr.


Geo. CAMPBELL, Sr., born May 19, 1791
Hannah CAMPBELL (his wife), born Nov. 28, 1784
Wm. A. CAMPBELL, born Jan. 13, 1816
Geo. CAMPBELL, Jr., born Feb. 19, 1818
Ann. M. CAMPBELL, born July 22, 1842 (note: year corrected in pencil to 1820)
Emaline CAMPBELL, born July 31, 1822
Hannah CAMPBELL, born Aug. 29, 1825


Hannah CAMPBELL, died July 1, 1850, age 66 years, 7 mos, 2 days
Hannah CAMPBELL, Jr., died July 15, 1852, aged 26 years, 11 mos, 14 days..
(Note: Ages not figured correctly.)

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