Burhans Family Bible Records


Printed 1813 in Philadelphia – Owned by Miss Eleanor of 380 15th Avenue, Paterson, N.J. and copied by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr., August 12, 1970 for The Passaic County Historical Society.

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March 17th, 1866
Presented to Mary BURHANS
a Bible From her grandmother Sarah BURHANS

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July 9, 1807 – Then I, John BURHANS got married By the Rev. Wm. ELTING to Miss Sally HOPPER, Daughter of John A. HOPPER

November 18, 1840 – By the Rev. E. WIGGINS, Samuel BURHANS to Miss Eleanor, daughter of Cornelius E. MERSELIS

May 10, 1841 By the Rev. J.H. DURYEA, John J. ZABRISKIE to Maria BURHANS, daughter of John BURHANS, of Oldham

Aug. 9, 1841 – By the Rev. ASHBROOK, John H. BURHANS to Miss Augusta, daughter of the late William WESTERFIELD, Esq., formerly of the City of N. York

December 12th, 1854 by Rev. Wm. GORDEN, D.D., John H. DURYEA to Sarah Jane BURHANS

Dec. 9, 1863 by Rev. J.H. DURYEA, Albert HOPPER to Mary BURHANS

Nov. 30, 1870 by Rev. J.H. DURYEA, Henry HATHAWAY to Anna BURHANS

April 11, 1880 Alonzo B. MANDEVILLE to Sadie H. BURHANS by Rev. J.H. DURYEA

On the 27th of January (This portion, written in pencil is not legible, but the names HOPPER and QUACKENBUSH can be made out.)


John A. HOPPER was born Mar. 17, 1745

Mary COOPER was born November 17, 1760

John BURHANS was born April 7th, 1783

Sally HOPPER was born May the 10th, 1785

Thuesday (Tuesday) July 19, 1808, Then was born my first Child, A Boy, and also died on the third day of August, 1808 – two weeks old

Saturday, July 15th, 1809, Then was born my son John Hopper BURHANS

Thursday, January 15th, 1812, Then my son James was born

August 4th, 1814 on Thursday Then was born my son Samuel

Wednesday December 11th, 1816 Then was Born my Daughter Maria

Friday July 19th, 1822 Then was born my Daughter Sarah Jane

Thuesday (Tuesday) evening 12 o’clock April 27, 1841, Eliza Jane, Daughter of Samuel & Eleanor BURHANS, was born

Thuesday (Tuesday) Oct. 16, 1845, 4 o’clock p.m., William, Son of John H. & Augusta BURHANS, was born

January 21, 1845, 5 o’clock in the morning, twins was born, the one died on the 22nd and the name of the other is Mary S. B.

October 8th, 1848, Anna, Daughter of Samuel & Eleanor BURHANS was born Saturday evening 12 o’clock.

July 11, 1850, Charles BURHANS, son of John H. & Augusta BURHANS was born

September 19, 1852, Sarah Hopper, Daughter of John H. & Augusta BURHANS was born.

Daughter of John H. & Augusta B., Sarah Hopper BURHANS, Died July 31, 1853

Sarah Hopper BURHANS was born the 8 of August on Friday 1856

John BURHANS was born the 15 of May 1858

May 8, 1864, a boy was born on Sunday – Burnard

George was born August 10, 1865


A boy _____ two weeks old Died the ___ (3rd) of August 1808

John A. HOPPER Died February 3, 1824 Aged 78 years 10 months 16 days

Mary HOPPER Died August 9, 1844 Aged 83 years 8 months and 23 days

John BURHANS Died June 11 1850 Aged 67 years 2 months and 4 days – Tuesday evening 8 o’clock

Daughter of John H. & Augusta B., Sarah Hopper BURHANS, Died July 31, 1853 Aged 10 months and 12 days

Samuel BURHANS died November 18, 1861 ten minutes of twelve o’clock Aged 47 years 3 months and 14 days

Rachel YELVERTON Died October 21, 1863 age 83

Catherine ELTINGE died January 14, 1868 aged 77 years

George, son of Albert C.H. & Mary HOPPER, died Jany 3, 1881. 15-4-23

Eliza J., daughter of Samuel & Elennor BURHANS, died July 20, 1881 Aged 20 y 2 (months) 23 days

Sarah J. BURHANS, widow of John H. DURYEA D.D., died May 9th, 1909 – 87 July 19 1909.

John H. BURHANS Died Sep. 4th, 1871 Aged 62 years 1 month 19 days. Died Monday Sept. 4, 1871 at 12 1/2 o’ck P.M.

Sally HOPPER, wife of John BURHANS, Died Wednesday evening July 23, 1873, Aged 77 years 2 months 7 days

James BURHANS Died March 16th, 1874 Aged 62 years 2 mo. & one day

Maria BURHANS, wife of John Jacob ZABRISKIE, died April 28th, 1902, aged 85 years 4 months & 17 days

Augusta WESTERFIELD, widow of John Hopper BURHANS, died December 8th, 1906 in her 87th year.

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James BURHANS, Paterson

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