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“North Haledon 1901 – 1976”
75th Anniversary Book


The First Presbyterian Church of North Haledon traces its history back to the 1880’s. During that time, Isabella and Christine DUNCAN of the First Baptist Church of Paterson joined with Aunt Sarah GRAHAM (Sarah BUTTERWORTH) to conduct a Sunday School in the old school house in North Haledon on Sunday afternoons, and prayer meetings in various local homes on Wednesday evenings. In 1897, the “Upper Haledon Union Sunday School” was formed, and more than $1,000 was accumulated toward the establishment of a church which was officially organized on December 17, 1911. Major credit for this undertaking goes to the Christian Endeavor Society under the presidency of Mamie CLOWES and the pastoral leadership of the Reverend Ralph ROWLAND. The building was completed and dedicated on March 14, 1915.

In 1919, an addition was constructed for Sunday School and club activities, and the first Pastor, the Reverend T. Layton FRASER, was called. For most of its history, First Church was the only church in the Borough; it has always taken its civic duty seriously. It hosts most of the Boy Scout units and all of the Girl Scout units in the community as well as many other groups. No longer the only church in the borough, it is presently the focal point of ecumenical cooperation for Worship and Service.


Lord of Life congregation, a new mission of the American Lutheran Church, was organized in April, 1963, under the leadership of Reverend David R. NELSON. Prior to formal organization, services were held for six months in the High Mountain School. One month after orgazniation, our present building on a five-acre site at 374 Squaw Brook Road, was completed and dedicated. In November, 1966, the Reverend John R. COMPTON was called to become the second pastor, and in 1972, Reverend Gerald R. GAETA, our present pastor, was called.

Though servanthood, united in Christ, our aim is to spread God’s love into the communities in which He placed us. We reach out into the community to care for those in need, and his care is extended to the Preakness Hospital, Holland Home, and Children’s Shelter. We also sponsor a very active Scout Troop, No. 123.


In 1955, a new church was organized; the members chose for its location the Borough of North Haledon, and for its name, “North Haledon Christian Reformed Church.” In 1958, the church building was erected on High Mountain Road; it is a part of the Christian Reformed denomination which is comprised of more than 700 congregations in the United States and Canada. From a modest beginning, the membership in our church has more than doubled, and a number of our members participate in borough affairs.

Our purpose is to give the Word of God and to proclaim Jesus Christ to our community. Pastor Philip C. HOLTROP and the congregation offer their services to all who ask or need. We strive to give comfort and assurance to those who suffer in body, soul, or mind; we will try to give young people and others encouragement and direction in this troubles world; we will give solace and help in any way we can when death or other tragedies strike. In short, we aim to fulfill the law of Christ by being a neighbor to you.

We are pleased to have found a friendly reception in North Haledon, and we desire to reciprocate with friendliness and service to our fellow townsfolk.


As its name implies, our church is the sixth congregation of the Reformed Church in America, organized in Paterson on January 2, 1867. The first building was located on Godwin Street; in 1919-1920, the congregation relocated on Hopper Street, and in 1975 moved to 21 Pleasant View Drive, North Haledon.

Services were originally held in the Dutch language, but English has been the language of all church activities for many years now. The Bible is the only and infallible rule of faith and practice in the Sixth Reformed Church, and the Standards of Unity of the Synod of Dort are accepted as setting forth the system of doctrine contained in the Bible. Morning and evening services are held throughout the year, as well as Sunday School and a midweek prayer meeting. In its 100-year history, fourteen pastors have served; and the present minister, Reverend Charles W. KRAHE, has been serving a congregation numbering approximately 550 for seven and one half years.

Many church societies function, bringing the people together. Among these, Missions have been a special concern, and the full support of an extension project in the City of Paterson has been carried on for fifteen years with increasingly good results.


New in name and in place of worship, the Trinity Christian Reformed Church is old in years and in tradition. It has been known by three other names, has worshipped in three other church buildings, and has given birth to three new churches.

As early as 1897, religious services were conducted by different brethren of the Classis of Hackensack in the little Swedenborgian Church on Division Street, later Hamilton Avenue. Formal organization as the True Reformed Dutch Church of Paterson took place in 1882; consolidation with the True Reformed Dutch Church of Aquackanonk in 1887; and in 1896, reorganization and incorporation in the name of the Third Christian Reformed Church of Paterson. Through the years, the growth of the congregation and other considerations necessitated a number of moves, from North First Street to Haledon Avenue, to Paterson, to Wyckoff, and eventually to North Haledon.

On April 4, 1968, Mr. and Mrs. HAMSTRA offered to sell ten acres of their farm property situated along North Haledon Avenue, and a congregational meeting in May overwhelmingly approved the purchase. Ground was broken in 1970, and in less than a year, the first worship service was held in the new building. This was the second great change within the period of a few months, for just a little earlier, the congregation unanimously approved a name change, voting for “Trinity Reformed Church of North Haledon.”

A most attractive location on a knoll high above the valley, with a magnificent view extending even to the New York skyline, the beautiful building, the devoted leadership, and the educational and charitable activities of the various organizations are true sources of inspiration “to all who pass by or enter its doors.”

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