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Early Paterson Newspapers, Marriage & Death Notices, 1822-1867, by Robert Hazekamp. A 236-page soft cover book with a surname index of transcribed marriage and death notices that were published in seven Paterson’s newspapers between the years of 1822-1867. These notices transcribed by Mattie M Bowman during the 1930s and 1940s for the Passaic County Historical Society, not only cover the local Paterson area but are also nation wide. Of particular interest are the may death notices of soldiers during the Civil War years. Also included are biographical tributes to Marrie M. Bowman and Charles A. Shriner including his History of the Newspapers of Paterson Since 1816. Soft cover. $25.00 plus $6.00 S/H.

Ecclesiastical History of Paterson, NJ, A History of Paterson’s Churches, Synagogues and Missions • 1792 ~ 1942, by Annita Zalenski and Robert J. Hazekamp, Jr. A 262-page soft cover book comprising of brief historical sketches of the approximately 200 churches, synagogues, and missions that were established in Paterson, New Jersey during the years 1792 through 1942. Illustrated with 182 photos, and fully indexed. Soft cover. $25.00 + $6.00 S/H.

The Fallen of the Great War: World War I Casualties from Passaic County, by Annita Zalenski and Robert J. Hazekamp, Jr. This 200 page, softcover book commemorates over 350 valiant citizens from Passaic County who died during the “War to End all Wars.” They were ordinary people from all walks of life, living in large cities and small hamlets. Some were mill workers, farmers, and schoolboys. A minister and a nurse were also among the casualties. The one common thread was that they all made the supreme sacrifice for freedom. We owe them all a great debt and hope this book will help to preserve their memory. We also hope readers will be encouraged to visit some of the outstanding WW1 Memorials throughout the County listed in the book. The book, which retails at $15.00, can be purchased in person in the Lambert Castle Museum gift shop or ordered by mail. You can mail order this book using this link. Mail orders include a $6.00 shipping charge.

Paterson Intelligencer Newspaper, Marriages and Deaths • 1825 ~ 1856. Compiled by Maryjane Proctor. Spiral Bound. $25.00 + $6.00 S/H.

Pompton Plains Reformed Church Cemetery, Inscriptions From the Graveyard of the Dutch Reformed Church at Pompton Plains, by MaryJane Proctor. The largest single source of interments from the Pompton Plains (New Jersey) Reformed Church Cemetery occurring between the mid-1700s through about the mid-1930s. Extracted and compiled from four major sources, this work is complete with an every-name index, encompassing over three thousand people and more than eight hundred individual surnames. Soft cover. $25.00+$6.00 S/H.

Roll Call of The Grim Reaper in Paterson and Vicinity • 1898 ~1919, by MaryJane Proctor and Robert J. Hazekamp Jr. A 295-page soft cover book of 33,000 plus names and death dates published in the Paterson Morning Call between 1898-1919. Consisting of a month-by-month listing of the obituary notices that appeared in the daily issues of the paper each year, Included in many instances, is the age of the deceased, and place of death if the individual died outside the greater Paterson area. Fully indexed. Soft cover. $25.00+$6.00 S/H.

Sandy Hill Cemetery and the Historical & Statistical Account of the Cemeteries of Paterson New Jersey, by Robert J. Hazekamp Jr. This 208 page, softcover book presents the history of the Sandy Hill Cemeteries complex as written in 1888 by Dr. Oswald Warner. This work includes the historical, statistical, and sanitary account of the Sandy Hill Cemeteries which are comprised of the Reformed, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist and Catholic burial grounds in Paterson. Also included are historical accounts of Native American burial grounds, family burying grounds and the old burying ground of the First Reformed Church of Totowa. This publication includes illustrated maps of the locations of the various cemeteries, listings of lot owners by denomination, and a surname index of the Sandy Hill Cemetery Removal Book. Also included in this resource are newspaper accounts of Paterson’s cemeteries, including Sandy Hill, pauper burial grounds and other ancient burial grounds in the vicinity of Paterson. Softcover. $12.00+$7.00 S/H. You can mail order this book using this link.

Written in Stone: Gravestone Inscriptions Passaic County, by Annita Zalenski. A compilation of abbreviated Passaic County gravestone inscriptions from more than fifty local cemeteries, some of which are small family burial plots no longer in existence. Soft cover. $25.00 + $6.00 S/H.

Other Publications

Silk and Sandstone: Catholina Lambert and His Castle, by Flavia Alaya. The story of Catholina Lambert, the son of working-class parents, who came to America at age 17 to seek his fortune. He found it “in silk.” Soft cover. $10.00 + $6.00 S/H.

Skatekey, by Jennifer Ranu. Skate Key presents twenty-two childhood stories told by men and women connected by a metal gadget, the skatekey, a popular tool used to make a roller-skate fit onto a skater’s shoe.
This collection of memoirs emphasizes diversity- multicultural and religious family backgrounds. Each roller-skating story takes place during a specific time period in American history: The Great Depression-1920s-1030s, World War II-The 1940s, The 1950s, The Civil Rights Movement-1960s, and The 1970s. Some stories are funny while others present the hardships and struggles of children growing up during difficult times. SkateKey arouses nostalgia and includes authentic photos of the times and places represented in the stories. Soft cover. $19.99+5.00 S/H

The Great Paterson Fire of 1902: The Story of New Jersey’s Biggest Blaze, by Glenn Corbett. The story of tragedy and conflict trumped by resolve and vision. Paterson was tested in 1902, emerging stronger through philanthropy and concern. Fully indexed. 145 pages. Soft cover, $25.00+$6.00 S/H


The Bulletin of the Passaic County Historical Society 45th Anniversary Issue 1971 $2.00
The Bulletin of the Passaic County Historical Society 40th Anniversary Issue 1966 $2.00
The Bulletin of the Passaic County Historical Society Volume 5 Complete 1963 $2.00
The Story of Helen Sterrett McBurney 1957 $2.00
The Passaic County Historical Society 1931-1932 Programs of Activities with Special Historical Articles 1931 $2.00
The Daring Mission of John Champe: A Story of Intrigue During the American Revolution 1963 $2.00
Rev. Samuel Fisher’s Census Paterson, N.J., 1824-1832 by D. Stanton Hammond, J.D. 1958 $2.00
County Walks in Many Fields by Joseph Rydings 1934 $6.00
Writ in Water Poems by James Gabelle 1938 $4.00

New Price

At the Sign of the Brass Dog: Passaic County Folk Art Exhibit printed 1988 $2.00

An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children by Jacqueline Pach and Robert Wilhelm $12.00

Souvenir Spoons compilied by George B. James Jr., reprinted 1956 $3.00

Random Recollections of Charles A. Shriner 1941 $6.00

Flowers from the Wayside Poems by David Banks Sickels 1912 $4.00

The Plaza of Memories: Eastside Park Paterson New Jersey by Edward A. Smyk 2001 $3.00

For Kids

Hidden New Jersey by Linda Barth $8.95
This Little Building is Huge: The Story of Bridgeton’s Nail House by Flavia Alaya $25.00


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