Bible Records Index


Ackerman (also see Zabriskie), Ashman

Baker, Banta (also see Zabriskie), Benjamin, Blauvelt, Board (also see Zabriskie), Bogert, Bowman, Brinkerhoff (also see Van Houten), Britten, Burhans

Cadmus (also see Van Houten), Cambell (also see Sisco), Campbell, Chandler, Chivvis,

Clark, Clouson, Colt, Coventry

Dater, Davidson, Decker, Demarest, Derrom, Drew, Dunbar, Duryea


Felter, Ferdun (also see Benjamin), Forshee (also see Yeoman), Freese

Garrison (also see Van Blarcom), Getsinger (also see Garrison), Gould (also see Van Houten)

Haines, Hammond, Haring, Hathorn, Hay (also see King), Heusser, Hinchman,

Hopper (also see Yeoman), Hulick, Hyatt


Kershaw, King, Kough

Law, Lott

MacFarlen, Mapes, Marshall, McCall (also see Wilson), McCormick (also see Sisco),

McKelvey, Mills


Odiorne (also see Ackerman)

Pope, Post (also see Vreeland; Van Blarcom), Pulis (Powles)

Quackenbush (also see Sisco)

Reid, Rhodes, Romaine, Rose, Roswell, Ryer, Ryers, Ryerson

Schoonmaker, Schultz, Sisco, Slingland, Smith, Stanley, Storms, Stults, Sturr

Tallman, Tasney, Terhune (also see Blauvelt), Tuttle

Van Allen, Van Blarcom (also see Post), Van Buskert (also see Van Winkle), Van DaLinda (Van Delynde), Van Houten, Van Saun, Van Schaick (also see Schultz), Van Winkle (also see Van Houten), Vreeland (also see Decker; Post)

Wagler (also see Reid), Willis, Wilson


Zabriskie (also see Board)


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