Benjamin/Furdan Family Bible Records


Copied 1932 by Mabel C. BENJAMIN and filed at The Passaic County Historical Society. Typed by J.D. QUACKENBUSH, Jr., May 25, 1973.

Charles BENJAMIN who married Sarah ASHMAN, and Anne BENJAMIN who married James FURDUN were brother and sister.

Married Nov. 6, 1817

Children of marriage
Robert BENJAMIN, born Dec. 9, 1818
Anne BENJAMIN, born Nov. 24, 1820
George BENJAMIN, born July 22, 1822
Maria BENJAMIN, born May 25, 1825
W’m. Henry & John BENJAMIN (twins), born Aug. 31, 1827
Sarah BENJAMIN, born Mar. 2, 1830
Ellen BENJAMIN, born Nov. 12, 1832

(Note: I believe another child, Charles BENJAMIN, born Oct. 10, 1835 belongs here. Likely his record was accidentally overlook in copying. J.D.Q.)

Caroline BENJAMIN, born July 20, 1838
Mark BENJAMIN, born Sept. 13, 1843


James FURDUN, born Dec. 25, 1789
Anne BENJAMIN, born Aug. 29, 1791
Married July 27, 1811

Eliza Anne, born Sept. 3, 1812
Harriet, born Jan. 17, 1815
Mary, born May 3, 1817
Fanny Jane, born Aug. 19, 1819
Catherine, born Oct. 12, 1821
Samuel Mackeson, April 2, 1824
Thomas, born Nov. 6, 1827
James, born May 14, 1832

Anne BENJAMIN (wife of James FURDUN), died April 17, 1834
James FURDUN, died July 16, 1861.

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